Montrealers fittingly react to decrepit $799k Mile End apartment for sale (PHOTOS)

Jun 15 2022, 3:23 pm

The term “fixer-upper” just doesn’t go as far these days as it used to.

A run-down apartment for sale in the Mile End has raised some eyebrows in Montreal after its hefty nearly $800,000 price tag.

The rough-shape apartment, located at 80 Rue Bernard, was shared by the entertaining and popular Instagram account @f*cknomtl and reactions have been quite fitting. has the six-bedroom apartment listed at $799,000 and says “once renovated, this building will be the envy of all trendy urbans [sic].”

If this is where real estate inflation is headed, we’re in trouble. Or, as says, a “great opportunity for renovator or contractor.”

Soak up some charming (?) photos of the apartment’s tiled-wall interior, grimy bathroom, and creepy staircases before enjoying some appropriate reactions from Montrealers, courtesy of @f*cknomtl’s post.

The apartment was built in 1910 and has been on the for 119 days.

@rich_ltn/Instagram (via: @fucknomtl/Instagram)

@thinginabook/Instagram (via: @fucknomtl/Instagram)

@jessmurwin/Instagram (via: @fucknomtl/Instagram)

@naaac/Instagram (via: @fucknomtl/Instagram)

@a.un.cheveu (via: @fucknomtl/Instagram)

@ceilidh_michelle (via: @fucknomtl/Instagram)

@mike_romulan (via: @fucknomtl/Instagram)

@gbrl_lfrst/Instagram (via: @fucknomtl/Instagram)

@gbrl_lfrst/Instagram (via: @fucknomtl/Instagram)

@vgbonjour/Instagram (via: @fucknomtl/Instagram)

@simon.t.garceau/Instagram (via: @fucknomtl/Instagram)

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