Here's what Quebec's vaccine passport looks like

Aug 26 2021, 1:13 am

Quebec’s COVID-19 vaccine passport will be implemented across the province on September 1, and the app is available to be downloaded as of Wednesday morning.

Health Minister Christian Dubé outlined how the app will work at a news conference on Tuesday. As of next week, Quebecers will need to use the app’s quick response (QR) code as proof of vaccination, part of Quebec’s plan to avoid another lockdown amid the fourth wave of COVID-19 and an increase in cases and hospitalizations.

“The vaccine passport is the balance we have found to keep our economy open while protecting the population,” said Dubé. “With the vaccine and the passport, we want to avoid closing businesses and banning activities.”

The passport will be in effect for a wide array of non-essential activities, including restaurants, bars, gyms, theatres, museums, festivals, and events.

As of Wednesday morning, Quebecers can download the VaxiCode app on iOS, and Android users will be able to in the “coming days,” according to Dubé.

The app registers three pieces of personal information contained in the digital passport and QR code, name, date of birth, and vaccination status. Businesses will function with an app called VaxiCode Vérif, which scans Quebcer’s QR codes and scans the code to display if people have been vaccinated or not.

Here’s what the VaxiCode looks like from an iOS perspective:

International visitors and out-of-province travellers will be required to show proof of vaccination from their respective governments along with a proof of address to gain access to places implementing the passport.

As of Tuesday, 78.5% of Quebec’s eligible citizens have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

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