Quebec students will have to wear face masks in all school common areas this fall

Aug 11 2021, 4:39 pm
Students in Quebec will have to wear face masks in all of the school’s common areas when they return to class this fall. During a Wednesday afternoon press conference, Quebec’s Education Minister Jean-Francois Roberge outlined the province’s back-to-school plan.He says students will be able to remove their masks in all outdoor spaces and classrooms while seated.

Roberge said last year’s “class bubble system” will be eliminated, citing that children will be able to play with any other student in the school. He says that extracurricular activities, sports, and optional courses are also set to return.

The minister said he is working “very hard” to ensure a healthy and secure environment for students and staff across Quebec schools.

Roberge referenced air quality among schools, which had become a controversial topic among parents last year. He says schools have improved vents and filtration systems and said that the air quality in schools across Quebec is “pretty good.”

He also said the criticizing of air quality in schools should stop, citing that it causes “too much panic among parents and teachers.”

The minister concluded that it is time to “end the fear campaigns” regarding air quality and advised parents to focus on their children’s learning.

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