Quebec launches recruitment campaign to strengthen staff numbers at CHSLDs

May 28 2020, 5:36 pm

Quebec Premier François Legault has shared more details concerning the government’s efforts to recruit and strengthen staffing numbers at long-term care homes throughout the province.

Legault says Quebec remains in two worlds, the difficult situation in CHSLDs and the rest of the province, which he says is “stabilizing.”

Of Quebec’s newly announced 74 deaths, 70 of them took place within long-term care homes across the province.

“Things are still difficult in long-term homes,” he said in French, as part of his daily briefing. “In total, there are 2,600 residences in Quebec, 340 of which have had at least one infection — meaning at least 2,725 residents are infected.”

Legault continued to highlight the government’s proposal to fortify CHSLD staff members, which he says he will continue to stress over the “next few days.”

His proposal is to hire an additional 10,000 orderlies throughout the province, starting with a three-month training course which will be offered from mid-June to September. Legault highlights the training period will pay $760 per week. If students pass the training, their salary will get bumped to $26 an hour, or $940 a week — a yearly salary of $49,000.

The premier also urged citizens to join the campaign, citing all workers would receive “full-time employment, all the social benefits, and pension.”

“I want to convince people that it’s not just money that’s important,” said Legault. “We were missing people before the pandemic and what we are targeting now is to have enough staff to establish important relationships with all the residents.”

He added that besides the “interesting” monetary offer, the job can be “very rewarding and gratifying if you want to make a difference in people’s lives.”

The Premier acknowledged that the recruitment can be challenging but hopes the salary, benefits, and advertising process can help convince Quebecers to consider a new career as a care worker.

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