Quebec's new distracted driving laws take effect this weekend

Jun 28 2018, 6:52 pm

Quebec is cracking down on distracted driving laws.

According to CAA-Quebec, the new laws will take effect this Saturday and will impose stricter fines for cyclists wearing headphones and motorists using portable electronic devices.

Motorists caught with a portable electronic device while driving, whether it is in use or not,  will now face fines of $300 to $600. An increase from the previous $100 maximum fine. Demerit points have also increased as offenders will now be docked five points instead of four.

Drivers who are caught for the second time within two years can have their license suspended immediately for up to three days.

Cyclists will face fines from $80 to $100 if they are caught using a portable electronic device or wearing headphones while biking. Mobility scooter users face infractions of $30 to $60 for the same offence.

The new rules won’t outlaw the use of electronic devices in vehicles all together, though.

Devices that are integrated into a vehicle and those mounted on the dashboard, handlebars or windshield will be allowed assuming it doesn’t hinder the driver’s operation of the vehicle.

Adjusting GPS co-ordinates is allowed but changing the music, sending messages, taking pictures, making a call or dialing a number is not.

Cellphone use must be integrated into the steering wheel, dashboard or voice activation.

Quebec’s automobile insurance board, the SAAQ, claim that more than 50% of bodily accidents that occur are a result of distracted driving.

The stricter consequences will take effect this Saturday, June 30, throughout Quebec.

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