Mask-wearing is Quebec's least followed health guideline: survey

Jun 26 2020, 6:57 am

Of all the preventative measures Quebecers have been asked to abide, wearing a face mask is the one they’ve been following the least, according to a new survey.

The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) presented the results of a Quebec survey which measured who’s been following the two-metre physical distancing, frequent hand-washing, and coughing etiquette (into your elbow) guidelines since the pandemic began.

The CMA found that hand-washing, staying apart, and coughing etiquettes have adoption rates of 70%, 95%, and 93%, respectively.

Less than half of Quebecers reported wearing a mask regularly (42%) since the start of the pandemic.

While 82% of survey respondents (ages 18 to 34) believe there will be a second wave, only 27% within that age range report wearing a mask.

The survey also showed that 87% of Quebecers in that same age range do not consider themselves to be at risk of developing “severe complications” from COVID-19.

Three out of four Quebecers (74%) in general think there will be a second wave in the coming months.

“The message is clear. We must continue our efforts to protect our neighbours, our friends, and our families,” said Dr. Abdo Shabah, an emergency physician and AMC board member. “The reality today is that the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over and we must use every possible measure to avoid a second wave that could be even more devastating than the first.”

The survey also dealt with tracing technologies, saying that if a mobile app were available to facilitate community tracing of the virus, 42% of Quebecers would download it.


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