All available physicians being asked to help at Quebec long-term care home: Legault

Apr 15 2020, 11:12 am

After providing the province with newly updated numbers of the crisis, Premier François Legault urged all available physicians in Quebec to help in long-term care homes (CHSLDs).

“We need more, we’re missing people, we’re missing hands,” he said.

Legault says the province is short 1,382 staff members in public CHSLDs and 600 in private long-term care homes for a total of “about 2,000.”

Legault said that even though some doctors may be overqualified to work in long-term care homes, he’s asking any physician in the province to come help at CHSLDs.

Danielle McCann, Quebec’s Minister of Health and Social Services, says the work needed involves feeding and washing residents — work usually carried out by nurses who are in short supply.

“We are aware of plenty of doctors who do humanitarian missions outside of Quebec,” said McCann, “what we need is for our doctors to help out around here with our elderlies.”

The premier said the staff shortage is a result of former CHSLD employees who have contracted the virus or those who are afraid that they might.

When giving English remarks at the end of Wednesday’s presser, Legault said, “I appeal to your sense of duty to help the elderly.”

Last week, Legault said the “majority” of coronavirus-related deaths have been reported by CHSLDs in Quebec.

He said 90% of the fatalities in the province are within citizens who are 70 years old and older. He says 9% are between the ages of 60 and 69. “It means, on the one hand, it’s reassuring for the younger people, but it also shows us where we have to put our attention.”

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