Quebec landlords have to enforce cannabis ban on properties by January 15

Jan 9 2019, 2:34 am

The deadline for Quebec landlords to inform their tenants on whether their leases will be modified to ban cannabis on the property is quickly approaching.

Landlords in the province have been eligible to send notices to their tenants since legalization came into effect on October 17 and have until Tuesday, January 15 to enforce the modification.

Once tenants receive notice of the proposed change to their existing lease, they would then have 30 days to contest it to the Régie du logement.

Contesting the change would mean going to a court in front of the provincial rental board to explain why you’d be opposed to the property cannabis ban.

Modifications to the lease must be related to smoking cannabis and not consuming cannabis such as THC oil and cannabis-based products that don’t cause any nuisance to neighbours.

If tenants don’t contest the modification after the 30 day period, tenants would be deemed to accept the modification to live in a smoke-free environment.

Grounds for challenging a ban on smoking cannabis at a rental living space would be if marijuana was being consumed for medical purposes. A lessee’s response to the lease modifications concerning the right to smoke cannabis can be found online.

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