Here are acceptable reasons for being out past curfew in Quebec

Jan 8 2021, 2:43 pm

Quebec’s COVID-19 nightly curfew goes into effect on Saturday, and it can be a little overwhelming to understand the strict new guidelines which have been put in place.

On Thursday, Quebec Deputy Premier and Minister of Public Security, Geneviève Guilbault, said that Quebecers will need “legitimate proof” for being outside of their homes past the 8 pm curfew.

Anyone caught outside without a valid reason from the hours of 8 pm to 5 am could face a fine between $1,000 and $6,000 (people 14 years and younger are subject to $500 fines). Guilbault said there would be an “increased police presence” throughout the province, and members of the police force will use their “judgement to assess” specific situations of people outside at night.

The Quebec government has published a list of valid reasons why citizens will be permitted to be outside past 8 pm.

The curfew, part of the government’s measures to slow the spread of COVID-19, will be in effect from January 9 to February 8.

Permitable curfew exceptions:

  • A person whose presence in the workplace is essential
  • A person who must obtain the necessary medications following a medical appointment
  • A person who must go to or return from a hospital, a clinic, or a dentist’s or optometrist’s office
  • A person who must visit  a sick or injured parent
  • A student who must participate in a face-to-face evening class or go to a laboratory in a recognized school
  • A parent who must accompany his or her children to the home of the other parent who has custody of them
  • A person returning home on a night flight from a work-related trip abroad
  • A person who must go out so that his dog can do its business
  • A person who must accompany another person to a medical appointment who is unable to drive
  • A parent who must accompany a sick child to the hospital
  • A parent who must accompany an adolescent to his work

Guilbault says people who are circulating outside past curfew hours may be stopped by police and provide proof for travelling reasons.

The deputy premier said Quebecers are allowed in their own backyards past 8 pm but not to circulate around public areas.

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