People need "valid proof" in Quebec to be outside their homes past curfew

Jan 7 2021, 10:50 am

People who are outside of their home past 8 pm throughout Quebec will need “valid proof” to justify why they are breaking the province’s new COVID-19 curfew protocols.

At a Thursday afternoon press conference in Quebec City, the province’s deputy premier and minister of public security, Geneviève Guilbault, said that Quebecers will need “legitimate proof” for being outside of their homes past curfew hours.

Guilbault says that as of this coming Saturday, provincial police will be using their “judgement to assess” specific situations of people outside at night.

“For people who have a good reason to be outside of their home, police officers will understand and there won’t be any problems,” said the deputy premier. “It’s the responsibility of the person to show police they have a good reason to be outside their house between 8 pm and 5 am.”

Guilbault says exceptions will be made for pet owners who will be permitted to be within a 1 kilometre radius from their home. “Of course, you have to be with your pet to use this exception.”

People who have a note from their employers that prove they are supplying an essential service will also be exempt from being fined, which range from $1,000 to $6,000, based on the police’s discretion.

For Quebecers buying medication outside of curfew hours, they are asked to keep their receipt as proof.

“Otherwise, the message is to stay home from 8 pm and 5 am — no more gatherings, no parties, don’t go see your friends,” continued Guilbault. “For people who have been following the rules, this shouldn’t change. For those who like to gather with friends, the ballgame became more difficult.”

The deputy premier says only pharmacies and gas stations will be able to remain open past 8 pm. Grocery stores and depanneurs are required to close at 7:30 pm to give people enough time to get home.

Guilbault says the new measures are put in place to “attack the problem” of widespread COVID-19 transmission across the province.

“Please if you are out, have evidence on you to ease your life and those of police officers as well.”