3 Quebec towns top list of 7 best places to live in Canada

Jan 16 2023, 9:18 pm

If you live in Quebec, you might have something to brag about.

According to a newly published report from MoveHub, three of the seven best places to live in Canada are right here in la belle province.

Rankings for the MoveHub report were based on criteria like climate, culture, job opportunities and more. The following three Quebec towns were leaders in their respective categories.

Montreal — Food and Drink

No one would be surprised to learn that Montreal is Canada’s premier food city.

From its abundance of gourmet and avant-garde restaurants to a history of Canadian classics such as smoked meat, poutine, and, of course, Montreal-style bagels, it’s pretty hard to beat. Throw in an incredible nightlife scene and you’ve got yourself a gastronomic paradise.

“Montreal looks lovely, but the real delights are in its cuisine,” the ranking stated.

Other positive Montreal notes that MoveHub pointed out included a “very low cost of living” and a “high population of young people.”

Boucherville — Rural Escapes


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Canada has a lot of wilderness to explore. According to MoveHub, Boucherville is among the best spots in the country to soak it all in.

“At most a three hour drive from a multitude of national parks, a short trip away from the US border, and a small bridge across from Montreal, it’s in a great spot for almost any kind of adventure,” the report states.

The town also boasts cheap housing.

Quebec City — Culture

Quebec City is easily one of the most visually impressive towns in North America. It’s no wonder the charming, cobblestone-laden ville has been crowned the country’s cultural capital.

The people at MoveHub even go as far as saying “if you were dropped into the historic district of Quebec City, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were wandering around an old French village.” We simply could not agree more.

Other attractions in Quebec City include year-round festivals, good public transportation, and good proximity to nature.

As for the rest of the country, Edmonton was also included on the list, along with two spots in Ontario and one in Nova Scotia.

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