The world's first "robot construction dog" is working on site in Montreal

Feb 3 2020, 4:13 pm

Hard hats and a good dog.

A construction site in Montreal has added a fully-automated, battery-operated, AI robot dog to its worksite repertoire.

In a world first, the Canadian construction company, Pomerleau, has added Spot to its Place Ville-Marie site.


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Spot is being used to trek around the construction site attached with a 3600 HD camera to its back. The camera is linked with HoloBuilder, a documentation platform that allows construction crews to view the site from a remote connection.

The footage is used to track the project’s progress, budget, schedule, and quality standard upkeep.

Designed and built by Boston Dynamics, Spot is equipped with an autonomous tracking system that enables it to identify and avoid obstacles, people, and pick itself up after a fall or collision. Spot can move in any direction, and quickly change directions.

The pup’s tracking systems make it an ideal tool to explore confined or dangerous areas.

Spot is just under three feet high and weighs 70 lbs. It can reach speeds of up to 3 km/h, has a 90-minute battery life, can be programmed for different tasks, 360º degree camera views, and can carry up to 30 lbs.

Plus, look how cute it is!

“It’s becoming clear that today, we must turn to technology to assist and enhance human potential. Our approach is to try out different technologies – like Spot – to complement and help our workers, and then leverage their talent, skills and expertise for more crucial work,” says Eric Lessard, Chief Digitial Officer at Pomerleau.

Pomerleau is the first general contractor to use Spot on its worksites. “We are consistently trying out new technologies, tools and ways of working that will ultimately add value to our projects and benefit our clients,” notes Eric Lessard, Chief Digital Officer, Pomerleau.

Spot will be used on-site for six months before the company assesses Spot’s effectiveness in the construction sector.

Good robotic dog.


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