MuchMusic announces relaunch in partnership with TikTok

Jun 10 2021, 11:30 am

Bell Media announced today it is teaming up with TikTok for the relaunch of the MuchMusic brand.

The company said MuchMusic will return on July 7 with a “new generation” of personalities and creators at the helm and revive the “classic” series Video on Trial.

“With hosts and creators that speak directly to Gen Z and younger Millennials, the all-new multiplatform MuchMusic stays true to its spirit as a seminal brand with an authentic voice,” said Stewart Johnston, Senior Vice President, Sales & Sports, Bell Media. “Tailor-made for today’s always on youth audience, MuchMusic doubles down as the essential destination for music and pop culture content.”

According to Bell Media, the soon-to-be-introduced lineup of VJs is poised to “launch, produce, and define MuchMusic for a new era across multiple social media platforms.” Viewers can also expect appearances by Much Studio personalities who will showcase their signature brand through new productions.

“There’s an obvious synergy between TikTok and MuchMusic for the relaunch of this iconic institution,” said Adam Burchill, Head of Music, TikTok Canada. “MuchMusic has played an essential part in shaping the musical landscape for generations. I’m excited for our platform to bring MuchMusic to a new generation of fans not just in Canada, but around the world.”

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