7 most haunted places in Montreal

Oct 12 2016, 5:06 pm

It’s official: Montreal is haunted. In case you had any doubt in your mind, we’ve done a bit of digging and discovered which of our favourite Montreal spots of a paranormal past (and present).

From spooky inns in Old Port to creepy cemeteries on Mount Royal, Montreal is pretty damn haunted.

Take an unofficial haunted tour of the city with the seven most haunted places in Montreal below.

Auberge Le Saint Gabriel

This inn located in the heart of Old Port is allegedly one of the most haunted spots in the city. Rumour has it that Auberge Le Saint Gabriel is haunted by a little girl who died there in a fire in the 19th century.

La Prison de Patriotes

Built in the early nineteenth century, this prison held up to 1,500 prisoners in its day. Executions were a frequent occasion, and in fact, the legend goes that the executed prisoners still roam the prison’s halls.

McGill University

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Royal Victoria Hospital and the McLennan Library are reportedly haunted by ghosts. In regards to Royal Vic, the hospital is said to be haunted by its former patients. Meanwhile, several McGill students have claimed to see a ghost wandering around the sixth floor of the McLennan Library.

Mount Royal Cemetery

When you think ghosts, you think a cemetery. Unsurprisingly, one of Montreal’s oldest and largest cemeteries, the Mount Royal Cemetery, is on this list. Thousands of people have been buried at Mount Royal Cemetery, and thus its rife with supernatural activity. The legend goes that the ghosts typically come out after sunset.

Queen Elizabeth Hotel

Though made famous thanks to John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s peace sit-in in 1969, the Queen Elizabeth Hotel is believed to have been haunted well before the 1960s. Several visitors have reported seeing a woman in white walking around the hotel.

Club Le Cinq

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Club Le Cinq may be a happening nightclub now, but in the past, it was actually the site of a funeral parlour. Over the year, many Montrealers have claimed to have seen ghosts in the club at night.

242 William Street


Image: Griffin Tower

242 William Street is perhaps the most haunted address in Montreal, or at least in Griffintown. 242 William Street is the site of the infamous Susan Kennedy murder rampage. In a fit of jealousy, Susan Kennedy, a prostitute from the 19th century, murdered her friend and fellow prostitute, Mary Gallagher in 1879. The rumour goes that once every seven years, Mary wanders the street looking for her missing head.