The 10 best whiskey bars in Montreal

Mar 6 2020, 7:20 pm

If you’re in Montreal and in the mood for a stiff drink, you’re in luck. From different bourbons, whiskeys, scotch, and single malts, to blend, and ryes, Montreal has ample spots offering a great selection of whiskey.

Not to mention a few places that can compliment it with a nice cigar or food.

Whiskey is a type of distilled alcohol that is made from fermented grain mash. Different types of whiskey use various kinds of grain (some of which are malted), including – but not limited to – barley, corn, wheat, and rye.

Whiskey is typically aged in wood casks, generally made from charred white oak.

If you think drinking it is a good time, reading up on the process and proper pairings is another monster in itself.

Regardless, here are a few spots around Montreal that can really get the whiskey train moving.

“Love makes the world go round? Not at all. Whiskey makes it go round twice as fast.” – Compton MacKenzie, Scottish writer.

Burgundy Lion


The ever-popular Burgundy Lion is a traditional English pub. Besides making tasty English grub, The Lion has what they boast as the most extensive whiskey list in all of Quebec, and it’d be tough to top them.

Ask to skim through their whisky list and you get an encyclopedia, some of which are extremely rare and overall, well priced.

Address: 2496 Rue Notre Dame Ouest
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Honey Martin Pub


Honey Martin is your traditional Irish Pub. There are no TVs, no Wi-Fi, no computer, it’s just a narrow pub full of good people and good times.

The cozy spot offers a nice selection of whiskey and even better option to socialize with NDG locals.

Address: 5916 Sherbrooke Ouest

Whisky Café


It’s no secret that with a name like Whisky Café that they boast an impressive selection of them. This handsome spot known for its (you guessed it) whiskeys, leather chairs, cigar lounge and waterfall urinals, should definitely be on your whiskey radar.

Address: 5800 St-Laurent
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McKibbin’s Irish Pub


McKibbin’s has four pubs spread out across the island, all of which offer a pretty extensive whiskey list. The franchise’s flagship on Bishop Street, has three floors, all offering different options to pair your whiskey with.

From the Glenfiddich collection, to their usual Jameson Whiskey, you can’t go wrong with a few pints, some live music, and a big collection of whiskey at any of the McKibbin’s locations.

Address: 1426 Bishop, 3515 St Laurent Blvd, 6361 Trans-Canada Hwy, Complexe Pointe-Claire, Pointe-Claire, 3036 Boulevard de la Gare, Vaudreuil-Dorion,
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Big In Japan


This Japanese take on the speakeasy has a surprisingly impressive whiskey menu. As you walk in, the dark lighting and classic blues and jazz music take you back in time. They have divided banquettes to give you some privacy or the centered square bar lets everyone see everything.

Whisky fans can buy their own bottle and leave it at the bar. Literally. They safely attach the bottle to the ceiling until your next visit.

Address: 4175 Boulevard Saint-Laurent
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Casa del Habano


If you’re looking to pair a nice glass of whiskey with a gorgeous cigar, give some serious consideration to Casa. Their walk-in humidor boasts an impressive selection of imported cigars that you can enjoy in their comfortable lounge, complete with a substantial whiskey list.

Address: 1434 Sherbrooke Ouest

Bishop & Bagg



Bishop & Bagg is the go-to spot for fin, boasting what they call the largest gin collection in Quebec, but B&B offsets it by having a splendid whiskey list as well.

The British-style pub also offers a wide selection of imported beer and tasty cocktails in a comfy old-fashion interior.

Address: 52 Rue Saint Viateur Ouest
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Atwater Cocktail Club


The Atwater Cocktail Club makes you feel like you’re part of some exclusive, secret club. You knock on the door at the entrance of a narrow alleyway and a slot opens in the door before letting you in (you’ll get in, it’s all part of the charm). Once inside, you’ll be treated to a small, dark, fully decorated speakeasy.

They have a smoke-infused cocktail that’s actually smoking as it’s served to you. Careful with that phone though, you’re not supposed to snap pictures inside.

Their whiskeys are presently beautifully behind the bar and sipping on a glass will legitimately make you feel like you’re in a 1920s speakeasy.

Address: 512 Avenue Atwater
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Cloakroom Bar



The Cold Room is another gem that’s reminiscent of 1920s speakeasies. There’s no giant sign advertising where the bar is. You just gotta know where it is, probably why you won’t find this place packed with tourists. But, thanks to us, you will find it.

Look for a black door on the corner of St-Vincent and St-Amabale and ring the doorbell. Once someone lets you in, head down to the basement where you’ll find a candle-lit room full of exposed bricks, wood beams, and a lot of whiskey.

You’ll feel like how you felt sitting in a secret fort as a kid. Except you know, booze.

Address: Corner of St-Vincent and St-Amable
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Pub L’Île Noire


Pub L’Île Noire is a casual and contemproary spot that offers and extensive whiskey and scotch list, bar bites, and a small terrace during the non-wintery months.

Because their list is so massive, you might want to do a little pre-whiskey check online before heading there. Otherwise, you’ll do a lot of reading.

Address: 1649 St Denis
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