21 diverse places to grab a drink (or five) in Montreal

Sep 12 2018, 4:04 am

When last call is at 2:45 am, you know the city understands drinking and partying. Montreal offers a great variety of clubs, bars, pubs, speakeasies and dive bars for you to get your drink on, any day of the week.

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Here are a few of our favourite spots Рaka some of the best places Рto drink in Montreal.

Izakaya: Flyjin



Flyjin is a basement supper club in the Old Port that is fused with a Japanese izakaya theme. After their two dinner sittings, the trendy spot turns into a nighttime club with DJs, authentic cocktails and bottle service.

It’s the ideal spot for some casual after-work drinks or for a classy night out with the squad.

Address: 417 Rue Saint-Pierre
Neighbourhood: Old Port
Phone: +1-514-564-8881
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Whisky, whisky, whisky: Burgundy Lion



The ever-popular Burgundy Lion is a traditional English pub. Besides making tasty English grub, The Lion has what they boast as the most extensive whisky list in all of Quebec, and it’d be tough to top them.

Ask to skim through their whisky list and you get an encyclopedia, some of which are extremely rare and overall, well priced.

Address: 2496 Rue Notre Dame Ouest
Neighbourhood: Litte Burgundy
Phone: +1-514-934-0888
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Elegance: Bar George



Bar George is found inside the magnificent Le Mount Stephen hotel (you don’t need to stay at the hotel to visit) and the modern-English bar is elegantly decorated.

Classic cocktails include Dark & Stormy, Rob Roy, Pimm’s Cup, Negroni, Side Car, Old Fashioned and White Lady.

Their signature cocktails are scrumptious too and, combined with the bar’s decor, makes it almost as Instagram-worthy as it is tasty.

Address: 1440 Drummond – Le Mount Stephen
Neighbourhood: Downtown
Phone: +1-514-669-9243
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Keep it classy: Bord’elle



Bord’Elle is an upscale club that has a massive bar in the middle of their main floor. For a spot that has chandeliers, leather chairs and spotlights, drinks are reasonably priced. The venue is known for hosting spectacular burlesque shows and their DJ spins fun music that isn’t too house/clubby.

Address: 390 Rue Saint Jacques
Neighbourhood: Old Port
: +1-514-379-3553
Instagram | Facebook

Secret: The Coldroom



The Cold Room is reminiscent of the speakeasies of the 20s. There’s no giant sign advertising where the bar is. You just gotta know where it is, probably why you won’t find this place packed with tourists. But, thanks to us, you will find it.

Look for a black door on the corner of St-Vincent and St-Amabale and ring the doorbell. Once someone lets you in, head down to the basement where you’ll find a candle-lit room full of exposed bricks and wood beams.

You’ll feel like how you felt sitting in a secret fort as a kid. Except you know, booze.

Address: Corner of St-Vincent and St-Amable
Neighbourhood: Old Montreal
: +1-514-294-6911
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Cozy spot: Honey Martin Pub

Honey Martin/Facebook

Honey Martin is your traditional Irish Pub. There are no TVs, no Wi-Fi, no computer, it’s just a narrow pub full of good people and good times.

The charming pub hosts arguably the best bar-band lineup in the city and a phenomenal trivia night on Tuesdays. It’s the go-to hot spot for the NDG crowd and is absolutely packed on Fridays and Saturdays.

Address: 5916 Sherbrooke Ouest
Neighbourhood: NDG
Phone: +1-514-484-2999

√úber-cool: Bar Lo√Įc



As if being located in an old bank isn’t cool enough,¬†Lo√Įc is one of the trendiest bars in the city. Located in the heart of Saint-Henri’s constant buzz, this spot’s knowledge and inventory of wines and cocktails are impressive.

The open-space bar has resident DJs on Fridays and Saturdays and along with their themed-nights and constantly changing menu. There’s always something happening at¬†Lo√Įc.

Address: 5001 Notre Dame
Neighbourhood: Saint-Henri
Phone: +1-514-439-6806
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Something for everyone: Sir Winston Churchill’s Pub



Sir Winston Churchill Pub has three floors, all offering different option, in one historic building. Karina’s, Winnie’s and Sir Winston Churchill’s offers a variety of pub, club, sports, or food.

They have a massive terrace (heated in the winter) that overhangs Crescent Street so you can enjoy the downtown foot-traffic.

Winnie’s has a $7 admission deal on Tuesdays where speed rail drinks, shots and beers are $2.50 a pop.

Address: 1455 Crescent
Neighbourhood: Downtown
Phone: +1-514-288-3814
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Hidden gem: Atwater Cocktail Club



The Atwater Cocktail Club makes you feel like you’re part of some exclusive, secret club. You knock on the door at the entrance of a narrow alleyway and a slot opens in the door before letting you in (you’ll get in, it’s all part of the charm). Once inside, you’ll be treated to a small, dark, fully decorated speakeasy.

They have a smoke-infused cocktail that’s actually smoking as it’s served to you. Careful with that phone though, you’re not supposed to snap pictures inside.

Address: 512 Avenue Atwater
Neighbourhood: Saint- Henri
Phone: +1-438-387-4252
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Bull riding: Fabuleux Chez Serge



Chez Serge is a great spot to check out any sporting event, to host parties or (and most famously) ride a mechanical bull. The bull is located in the middle of a padded mat and the longer you ride it, the louder the crowd gets. It’s a lot of fun and, if you win or lose, there’s plenty of booze as a reward/consolation.

Address: 5301 Boulevard Saint Laurent
Neighbourhood: Mile End
Phone: +1-514-663-4227
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Old fashioned: Dominion Square Tavern


Dominion Square Tavern/Facebook

Dominion Square Tavern boasts old fashioned, times deux. They have their Canadian Old Fashioned cocktail and the entire decor is old fashioned. The upscale spot works out of a refurbished 1927 tavern and has a gorgeous, antique, lively bar.

Address: 1243 Metcalfe
Neighbourhood: Golden Square Mile
Phone: +1-514-564-5056
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Champagne: Le Bird Bar



Anytime you pair fried chicken with champagne, you’ll have a winner and that’s exactly what Le Bird Bar. This trendy spot also boasts a stellar cocktail menu plus there’s a hidden bar in the basement called the Henden. You just have to know the right people and what to say to get in. Start with, “hi, can we go to the Henden?”

Address: 1800 Notre Dame Ouest
Neighbourhood: Litte Burgundy
Phone: +1-514-938-4343
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Wine spot: Pullman



This ritzy multi-level hotspot offers between 300 and 400 wines, most of them from private imports. Their wine selections by the glass changes every week and you can choose a two-ounce wine tasting platter consisting of their latest arrivals.

Address: 3424 Park
Neighbourhood: Miton Park
Phone: +1-514-288-7779
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Dark and jazzy: Big in Japan Bar



This Japanese take on the speakeasy has an impressive cocktail menu. As you walk in, the dark lighting and classic blues and jazz music take you back in time. They have divided banquettes to give you some privacy or the centered square bar lets everyone see everything.

Whisky fans can buy their own bottle and leave it at the bar. Literally. They safely attach the bottle to the ceiling until your next visit.

Address: 4175 Boulevard Saint-Laurent
Neighbourhood: Le Plateau
: +1-438-380-5658
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Gin it to win it: Pub Bishop & Bagg



If you’re in the mood for gin, Bishop & Bagg is your spot as they boast the largest gin collection in Quebec. The British-style pub offers a wide selection of imported beer and whisky and cocktails in a comfy old-fashion interior.¬†

Address: 52 Rue Saint Viateur Ouest
Neighbourhood: Mile End
Phone: +1-514-277-4400
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Lounge around: Casa Del Habano


La Casa del Habano/Facebook

If you’re looking to grab a nice glass of scotch, read a book, chat with friends or smoke a gorgeous cigar (maybe all of the above), give some serious consideration to Casa. Their walk-in humidor boasts an impressive selection of imported cigars that you can enjoy in their comfortable lounge.

Address: 1434 Sherbrooke Ouest
Neighbourhood: Downtown

Old Montreal magic: Philémon Bar



As soon as you walk into Philémon, their huge square bar drags you in and their impressive wine and cocktail list keeps you there. The chic Old Port bar has 15 wine options by the glass, four of which are the sparkling variety if you want to celebrate. Or, if you really want to splurge, nab the 1.5L magnum.

Address: 111 Saint-Paul
Neighbourhood: Old Port
Phone: +1-514-289-3777
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Pub Le Sainte-√Člisabeth



Pub Le Sainte-√Člisabeth has arguably the nicest hideaway courtyard terrace in the city. The multi-level bar has tasty cocktails and an in-house microbrewery.

The terrace makes it for a very popular spot in the summer months and the pub’s undying love for the Canadiens make it a hot spot during the NHL season.

Address: 1412 Rue Sainte √Člisabeth,
Neighbourhood: Chinatown

Date night: Furco



Located in a former fur warehouse, Furco’s decor is mixed with glass and stone. Their elongated bar is often full with the local business crowd but you can’t go wrong as a date night, either.

Their menu changes with the seasons and is constantly buzzing with tasty cocktails and great wines.

Address: 425 Rue Mayor
Neighbourhood: Downtown
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Comfy and local: Le Vin Papillon



The entire atmosphere inside Vin Papillon is very comforting and laid back. The decor is simple: wooden tables and white brick walls with gorgeous art work.

One of the most renowned spots in town, Vin Papillon’s selections are natural and organic, with many of them sourced from local producers from Montreal.

What’s best, all their bottles are beautiful and affordable. They want everyone to be able to enjoy drinking their stock.

Address: 2519 Notre-Dame Ouest
Neighbourhood: Little Burgundy
Phone: Instagram | Facebook

Renowned dive bar: Grumpy’s

Grumpy’s / Instagram

Grumpy’s is a local dive with no frills. Don’t worry, that’s all part of its charm. The basement bar doesn’t make elaborate cocktails or¬†J√§gerbombs. Sit down, order a drink. It’s a simple spot, but they do simple well.

Grumpy’s entertainment consists of live music every night and a TV smaller than your phone. Substitute that for what’s probably the best poured Guinness in town.

The spacious tavern has been around for decades and it will be for plenty more, it’s a Montreal staple.

Address: 1242 Rue Bishop
Neighbourhood: Downtown
Phone: +1-Instagram | Facebook

Since we’re looking out for you tomorrow too, you might want to hold on to our post of the best hangover spots to eat in Montreal too. We’ve got you covered.

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