10 of the best spots to get smoked meat in Montreal

Feb 23 2021, 6:18 pm

We’re going back to our roots and taking the time to savour a true classic: Montreal smoked meat.

Our widely renowned smoked meat has built itself a reputation around the world, continuously overpowering its main rival, the New York pastrami.

What’s better than biting into a well-cured, perfectly spiced smoked meat sandwich on rye bread with extra mustard?

Any true fan of Montreal smoked meat has paid a visit (or ten) to Schwartz’s Deli and waited in line to get their hands on a warm Reuben. But life’s too short to wait it away at one great restaurant, so here are 10 other great spots to expand your Montreal smoked meat horizons.

Zytynsky’s Deli


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At Zytynsky’s, you can customize your smoked meat sandwich with its wide selection of meats and cheeses. It also offers many Ukrainian and European foods, including two amazing Strudels you have to get for dessert.

Smoked Meat Pete


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Smoked Meat Pete is a ways away on Ile Perrot, but it is so worth the drive. You’ll be more than happy with the generous portions they serve, and while you’re there, get yourself something off their grill ā€” you’ll be happy you made it there.

Le Roi du Smoked Meat

Fancy some nice juicy smoked meat with a side of retro diner vibes? Well, you’re in luck, because Le Roi du Smoked Meat lets you order a pound of smoked meat for take-out. And while you wait, you can admire their cool vintage red seating in anticipation of in-house dining.

Snowdon Deli

Snowdon Deli is a go-to for Jewish classics: they’ve got your matzo ball soup, latkes, homemade cakes, and more. And of course, they serve a glorious sandwich with slices upon slices of tender smoked meat, accompanied with extra crispy fries.

Chenoy’s Deli


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Smoked meat for breakfast? Chenoy’s has got you. This DDO spot serves huge portions of amazing food, as well as a delicious homemade cheesecake.

Main Deli Steakhouse


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Well-seasoned, tender, smoked meat is what you’ll find at Main Deli ā€” which is conveniently located right across from Schwartz’s. Don’t forget to order your pickle on the side!


Though Reuben’s is only available on Uber Eats right now, don’t let that stop you from ordering from this classic Montreal spot. You can tailor your smoked meat sandwich to your preference, with varying levels of fat and different bread options.

Lester’s Deli


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Did someone say “smoked meat poutine”? Yes, actually, Lester’s did. Seriously, it’s amazing.

Jarry Smoked Meat

Quick service, amazing food, and great prices are what Jarry Smoked Meat is all about. They’ll have you coming back for seconds (and thirds..and leftovers).

Hawg’s Deli


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This cozy spot serves smoked meat in all shapes and sizes: they put it on pizza, in pasta, on a platter, with eggs Benedict… They’ll satisfy even the craziest smoked meat combo craving.