These are all the Montreal restaurants participating in La Poutine Week

Jan 22 2019, 5:53 pm

If you thought the poutine in itself is delicious, how about an entire week-long festival devoted to the tasty dish?

Your New Years resolutions can be put on hold for a week because, during the first week of February, things will get greasy.


La Poutine Week returns to the city from February 1 to 7 as a variety of Montreal spots will create their own signature poutine-dish, vying to become the city-wide champion, voted by restaurant patrons.


La Poutine Week/Facebook

“La Poutine Week allows participants to discover new venues, while providing the opportunity to taste poutine creations they never would have originally,” reads La Poutine Week website. “It also allows for restaurants to showcase their best, while increasing their sales and popularity.”

La Poutine Week is held across Canada and the US – but it’s no secret that Montreal’s poutine comes out on top, just like those cheese curds.

poutine week




This year’s participating locations have been announced, along with a specific poutine-based dish they’ll be bringing to the table.

Restaurant La Poutine Week poutine name
Banquise La Poutine Avo-Ki
Bistro Brasserie Les Soeurs Grises Nun’s poutine / Poutine de Nonne
Brasserie Des Rapides TBA
Brasseur de Montréal Poutine chÎmeur
Broue Pub Brouhaha La Gifle
Bulma Bar Poutine Siu Mai numéro 5
Burger Bar TBA
Burger de Ville Le canard effiloché de Mimi
The Chicken Stew Poutine / La Poutine au mijoté de poulet
Chez Tousignant TBA
Chocolats Favoris – CarrĂ© Lucerne Poutine Ă  la ChocoFav Érable & Bacon
Chocolats Favoris – Complexe Desjardins
Poutine à la ChocoFav Érable & Bacon
Chocolats Favoris – Kirkland Poutine Ă  la ChocoFav Érable & Bacon
Chocolats Favoris – Plateau Mont-Royal Poutine Ă  la ChocoFav Érable & Bacon
Chocolats Favoris – Shops Angus Poutine Ă  la ChocoFav Érable & Bacon
Chocolats Favoris – Ville St-Laurent Poutine Ă  la ChocoFav Érable & Bacon
Five Guys Burgers TBA
Hachoir Poutine Choux de BƓuf
La Belle Tonkinoise Poutine Dac Biet (Tonki Spécial)
La BĂȘtise Rosemont TBA
La Cage Centre Bell Buffalo soldier / La Buffalo
La Cage Complexe Desjardins Buffalo soldier / La Buffalo
La Cage Lasalle Buffalo soldier / La Buffalo
La Cage Place Versailles Buffalo soldier / La Buffalo
La Cage Pointe Claire Buffalo soldier / La Buffalo
La Cage SphĂšretech Buffalo soldier / La Buffalo
La Cage Vieux Montréal Buffalo soldier / La Buffalo
La VV TavernĂ€ par Le Gras Dur Beef Wellington Poutine / Poutine BƓuf Wellington
Le Birdbar TBA
Le Centre Sheraton Montréal Bleu Parisienne
Le Trefle Hochelaga TBA
Le Trefle Verdun TBA
Les Enfants Terribles Cantine Poutine Schnitzel
Lisboa Porto Tapas & Natas Poutine Portugais « Au Porto »
Lola Rosa TBA
Mange Moi La grosse poutine Ă  Jean Guy
Mon Petit Poulet Hépépites Hourra
Monsieur Resto+Bar Un hot mess Ă  Marrakech
Piazzetta Outremont La Polpette
Piazzetta rue Sherbrooke La Polpette
Piazzetta Saint-Denis La Polpette
Piazzetta Sainte-Catherine La Polpette
Piri Piri Poutine Supreme / Supreme Poutine
Poulet Rouge Spicy Mediterranean / Méditerranéenne épicée
Pub McCarold The Oh Danny boy poutine / Oh Danny boy!
Restaurant Devi La Beurs-moi Poutine
Restaurant Rosélys The Sportine / La Sportine
Rubs American BBQ Poutine Orient express
TABOO Cuisine Rebelle El CabrĂČn Poutine / Poutine El CabrĂČn
Taverne F TBA

Be sure to visit La Poutine Week’s website when the greasy content starts to vote for your favourite poutine and have a say in which dish is crowned as the 2019 La Poutine Week champion.

La Poutine Week Montreal

When: February 1 to 7, 2019
Where: Various locations around Montreal
Price: Varying price per location