This Twitter account shares pics of how Montreal has changed over time (PHOTOS)

Apr 5 2019, 12:59 pm

Everyone loves a little blast from the past, the specialty of this Twitter account that shares old-timey photos of Montreal.

Archives de Montreal, a library of archives from the city, was created in 1913 and shares photographs and documents from Montreal, dating all the way back to 1796.

The website, which claims to have one million photographs of the city, has modernized its sharing network by spreading the old-school love on Twitter.

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Like looking through an old family photo album, the account does a great job at sharing moments from our city from decades prior.

Recently, the account shared pictures of what is now the Quartier des Spectacles from 1964, Mont Royal in the roaring 20s, the Bonaventure Expressway in 1972, and what the corner of Ste. Catherine and Saint Laurent looked in 1925.

Imagine how we’ll revel at what Montreal 2019 looked like when we look back at the city in 2065.

Mont Royal and Saint-Denis, 1920 (Archives de Montréal/Twitter)

Currently the Quartier des Spectacles, 1964 (Archives de Montréal/Twitter)

Rue Rachel, 1929 (Archives de Montréal/Twitter)

Mont Royal, 1974 (Archives de Montréal/Twitter)

Saint-Laurent and Ste. Catherine, 1925 (Archives de Montréal/Twitter)

Bonaventure Expressway, 1972 (Archives de Montréal/Twitter)

île Sainte-Hélène, 1954 (Archives de Montréal/Twitter)

Downtown Montreal, 1961 (Archives de Montréal/Twitter)

Downtown Montréal, 1960 (Archives de Montréal/Twitter)

Downtown Montréal, 1960 (Archives de Montréal/Twitter)

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