Heritage Montreal now offers a historical tour of Montreal metro stations

Sep 1 2016, 1:18 am

There’s so much more to Montreal metro stations than you thought.

In celebration of the Montreal metro’s 50th anniversary, Heritage Montreal’s ArchitecTours is offering a two hour tour of various metro stations across the city.

The tours began on August 27th at the Pie-IX and Viau stations and continued Sunday, stopping by the LaSalle, De l’Eglise, and Verdun stations.

The tours are meant to emphasize Montreal’s history. According to tour guide Bianca-Desiree Arciero, each tour tries “to emphasize the fact that the Metro stations are representative of the time in which they were built.” Nancy Dunton, head of Montreal’s public activities committee, added, “a Metro station’s size, lighting, materiality, colour and public art are all inextricably linked with Montreal’s history.”

The tours are run by volunteers with a background in history, architecture, or urban planning, and will be running on weekends until September 25th. For more information or to reserve a spot on one of these unique cultural tours click here.