Timelapse video shows off Montreal's incredible beauty under the lights

Oct 15 2019, 1:57 pm

As Montreal gears up for the fall and winter seasons, and the extended nighttime hours that come with it, a local artist has shared just how beautiful the city can become after nightfall.

Christopher Dormoy’s new project “Streets of Lights”¬†features various lit-up landmarks around the island sped up through the editing magic of the¬†timelapse technique.

“Montreal is a beautiful place to stay or visit,” says Dormoy’s post. “For a photographer, this city offers a variety and a multitude of opportunities for original subjects and compositions. In my case, I was trying to highlight its life during the night. The lights are numerous, varied and filled with emotions. I did not find anything better than using the motion timelapse technique to showcase the light atmosphere of this city.”

In the video, you’ll be able to spot out iconic places around Montreal like the Palais des congr√®s, Boulevard¬†Ren√© L√©vesque, the Notre Dame Basilica, the Orange Julep, and the Gay Village, among others.

Maybe the upcoming season’s night won’t be so bad because it certainly is pretty:

Streets Of Lights – Montreal from Christopher Dormoy on Vimeo.

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