21 questions with: Raegan Steinberg and Alexander Cohen

Sep 28 2016, 4:33 pm

With the plethora of amazing movers and shakers residing in Montreal, we figured why not get them to open up a little and allow you to get to know the face behind the brand.

From restaurant owners to fashion designers and those making a difference in our community, every week we will be featuring someone new and giving you a quick and intimate access into where they eat, shop, chill, and of course, have coffee.

Let the 21 questions begin….

Name: Alexander Cohen and Raegan Steinberg.

Place of birth: Montreal Quebec

Where do you live now? St. Henri

Favourite thing about your hood:

A: It’s quiet…
R: The proximity to all the things I love! The Lachine Canal, good food, and M salon!


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A: Husband, Chef, and owner of Arthurs Nosh Bar.
R: Not sure of my exact title – I am the doer of many things! Oh and I also own Arthurs!

If you can describe your job in a few words, what would it be:

A: Hard , long , stressful, blissful, and passionate.
R: Hard, stressful, rewarding, and fun.

Favorite spot to grab coffee:

A: My restaurant, because it costs me less and I already paid for it! It tastes good too.
R: Arthurs of course.

If you can eat breakfast at one place all day I’d be at:

A: My moms house as a teenager with no morning classes.
R: If it’s not at Arthurs then it would in Stowe on a snowy morning having coffee and eating pancakes.

You party the night away at:

A: You’re funny!
R: I’ve had a few late nights at Luwan or back in the day at Blue Dog.

Your perfect place to relax is:

A: My couch in Montreal or my couch in Stowe.
R: definitely in Vermont.

Favorite local shop for cool gear:

A: New Regime.
R: Maska or New Regime.

Local getaway you can’t get enough of:

A: I don’t do getaways.
R: Just walking on the canal with my dog and friend Nicole.

Best spot to grab a drink:

A: Loic
R: Loic! Lisa at Nora gray makes a mean Dirty Martini too.

New spot you’re most excited about:

A: I have no idea what the fuck is opening!
R: Me too, I’m not hip enough to know what’s going on.

When you need to break a sweat you go to:

A: Econo fitness in Côte Saint-Luc with my trainer Ben !
R: Vic Park spin classes.

Best meal you’ve had in Montreal:

A: Vin Papillion and Foxy.
R: Same, I love eating my friends food especially when it’s from Marco or Leigh.

What annoys you the most about Montreal:

A: Montreal douchebags ( you know who you are ) and foodies.
R: All the “scensters” and social climbers.

What do you love the most about Montreal:

A: Winter
R: Family , friends, good food, and skiing!

What makes someone a Montrealer:

A: Character!
R: Someone who embraces winter and loves to eat.

How do you survive winter here?

A: Survive? I thrive
R: I love the snow, it’s just too cold for a bit too long.

And finally, Montreal is….:

A: My home.
R: Couldn’t have said it any better!