21 questions with: Kimberly Lallouz

Nov 12 2016, 1:00 am

With the plethora of amazing movers and shakers residing in Montreal, we figured why not get them to open up a little and allow you to get to know the face behind the brand. From restaurant owners to fashion designers and those making a difference in our community, we will regularly be featuring someone new and giving you a quick and intimate access into where they eat, shop, chill, and of course, have coffee. Let the 21 questions begin….

Name: Kimberly Lallouz aka labluesy

Place of birth: Montreal

Where do you live now? Montreal in Point St.Charles to be exact.

Favourite thing about your hood: When I look out my windows, the iconic flashing Farine Five Roses sign is centered – tres Montreal. The canal is a major plus, proximity to Old Montreal, downtown, the highway, the markets – I’m in heaven.


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Occupation: Restauranteur, Chef, tv show hostess, #bosslady, and everything that comes along with that (including psychologist for my staff).

If you can describe your job in a few words, what would it be: Exciting, creative, passionate, challenging, and rewarding.

Favourite spot to grab coffee: I’m really into the coffee we serve across the board at all my spots! The brand is called Filicori Zucchini.

If you can eat breakfast at one place all day I’d be at: I don’t eat breakfast! But if I did, I just finalized the brunch menu at birdbar so I have to shamelessly plug myself and say there!


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You party the night away at: On my couch with my French Bulldog Esco.

Your perfect place to relax is: At home. If time allows a day trip to Balnea Spa in Bromont.

Favourite local shop for cool gear: Ponyride distribution has all the brands I love! I love the Zara app too for quick shopping. I don’t have much time to shop these days.

Local getaway you can’t get enough of: My parents country house up north. On the lake, quiet, serene, and surrounded by nature.

Best spot to grab a drink: Monsieur Restaurant at the bar or anywhere in good company!

New spot you’re most excited about: Birdbar, Henden and Restaurant du Mac.

When you need to break a sweat you go to: R gym on Sherbrooke! Awesome private training facility, I try to get there five days a week, the boxing and training keeps me grounded.

Best meal you’ve had in Montreal: I’ve had the pleasure to enjoy many. If I were to pick one standout meal it would be unjust.

What annoys you the most about Montreal: The current traffic situation. Construction and reperations are wonderful for a city but I feel like we live in a vortex that keeps getting harder to get in and out of.

What do you love the most about Montreal? The cultural diversity, amazing art scene, four distinct seasons to enjoy, the various festivals we have throughout the year, and all of our amazing restaurants!

What makes someone a Montrealer? Montrealers are tough cookies. Often bilingual, trilingual, and street smart. I wanna say that we are quite a fashionable city in our own eclectic way!

How do you survive winter here? By embracing it. Take it for what it is, get out there and do sports, hibernate, and gather your thoughts, and of course, escape the winter to get back and enjoy it!

And finally, Montreal is….Where most of my family lives, where I chose to build the foundation of my life and career, and my favorite place to call home.

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