Celebrate your inner geek at Montreal Geekfest

Oct 18 2016, 7:48 pm

Geekfest is coming to Montreal!

For two days only, a geek convention will be taking over Montreal’s College de Maisonneuve.

On November 5th and 6th you can expect this CEGEP to be filled with cosplayers, board games, and video games.

This year’s program includes retro video games, an Artemis Bridge Simulator, allowing you to embark on a spaceship adventure, an amateur cosplay contest, and a talent show.

The festival will also have a slew of special guests, from cosplayers Nathan DeLucca and Valannaria, to artists Burlesgeek and Tortuga.

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Tickets are $30 for Saturday, $20 for Sunday, or $35 for the entire weekend.

Prepare to get your geek on!

Montreal Geekfest

When: November 5-6
Where: College de Maisonneuve, 3800 Rue Sherbrooke E