Holiday Gift Guide: 12 Montreal-made gift ideas to add to your Christmas list

Nov 16 2020, 5:00 pm

This holiday season, be the ultimate gift-giver by sharing your love for Montreal with some art, home decor, or treats that rep hometown pride.

Especially during the pandemic, local artists and shops can use all the help they can get.

So if you’re making a list and checking it twice, these are some Montreal-themed and locally made gifts that reflect the city.

You can buy a gift and help the little guy, ’tis the season!

Montreal Digital Illustrations -Sur ton mur

Sur ton mur is curated and run by Sam and Eli, two Montrealers out of their on-island studio. They have an entire collection curated for Montrealers featuring landmarks, icons, and food.

If you think someone needs a bit of Montreal charm at their place, check out the Sur to mur series.

Where to buy: Sur ton mur
Price: $90 – $200

Handcrafted Leather Goods – La Compagnie Robinson


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From wallets to handbags, keychains, cardholders, and belts, La Compagnie Robinson creates timeless and durable leather goods that are meant to be “handed down from generation to generation.”

All locally made, prices range from $50 to $295 for wallets and tote bags, respectively. You can also find great smaller gifts for under $35.

Where to buy: La Compagnie Robinson
Price: $50 – $295

Montreal Souvenirs – Main and Local

Main and Local

You can’t go wrong with a Montreal-made mug of the city. Or, a bagel mug. Like, come on.

Main and Local, a Montreal shop that’s been in business since 2014, also sells poutine shirts and beanies, Canadian face masks (ketchup chips, curling, beer bottles), and poutine socks, all for under $25. You can’t go wrong.

Where to buy: Main and Local
Price: Under $25

Animal Pillows – Velvet Moustache


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Thought, developed, sewn, inspected, brushed, labelled, packaged, and loved in Montreal, these comfortable and quality products are all locally made and inspired by the animal kingdom.

Because nothing says “Merry Christmas” like an adorable, comfy, square fox pillow.

Where to buy: Velvet Moustache
Price: $60 – $120

Washable Face Masks – Bishmade Clothing


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Individually fabricated, cut, and sewn in Montreal, Bishmade by Alfy is a clothing and accessory company that churns out face masks, sweaters, shirts, sweats, and kitchen aprons, all customizable, comfy, and well-priced.

Where to buy: Bishmade by Alfy
Price: $25

Bâton de hockey – des enfantillages

For those kids (and even adults) who can’t stay away from playing hallway hockey, des enfantillages specializes in toys, games, small furniture, and accessories.

These mini hockey sticks come with tiny yarn balls — perfect for top-shelf shots in the middle of the hallway.

Think of all the things you won’t break!

Where to buy: des enfantillages
Price: $34

Block Montreal – The Butter Flying

The Butter Flying

Build the city you want with Block Montreal, a set of architectural building blocks. The set includes a squirrel (obviously), a depanneur, the Jacques Cartier Bridge, Mont-Royal, the Biosphere, and the Farine Five Roses building — all made out of Russian birch wood.

Where to buy: The Butter Flying
Price: $79

Tasty Treats – Dinette Nationale


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From sour cherries in syrup, caramel, nougats, fruit jelly, jams, shortbread, lollipops, cakes, brioches, and cookies, Dinette Nationale has a multitude of tasty treats, all made and sourced in Montreal.

Where to buy: Dinette Nationale
Price: $10- $25

Wood Accessories – Arbol Cuisine


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Somebody can always use a cutting board.

Arbol Cuisine handcrafts cutting boards in a variety of shapes, colours, and wood finishing as well as wooden salt and pepper shakers, wine stoppers, cheese knives, tongs, tablet holders, and more.

Where to buy: Arbol Cuisine
Price: $16- $85

Reusable bulk bags – Dans le sac


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Dans le sac makes small, handy reusable bags that are perfect for all your bulk purchases (especially during the holidays).

The Montreal-made company says the bags are an “ideal replacement for plastic grocery bags when buying everything from small to big items.”

Dans le sac also makes bathroom accessories, family essentials, face masks, and gift baskets.

Where to buy: Dans le sac
Price: $14

Chocolate – État de choc


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Chocolate at Christma time, you really can’t do wrong.

These elegant lingot boxes contain an assortment of chocolate with flavours ranging from caramel, almond, peanut satay, yuzu, maple, hazelnut, Vietnam, Haiti, Peru, Mediterranean, and more.

An original and delicious idea to spoil your hosts or to give as a tasty gift.

Where to buy: État de choc
Price: $13 – $75

Montreal Typography Neighborhood Map – Etsy


This matte-ink poster features all of the Montreal neighbourhoods in map form. Its sleek decor will fit any style and it’s mesmerizing to read how many different boroughs can be bunched up into a single island.

Where to buy: Etsy
Price: $27.20

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