Here's what you need to know about gyms reopening in Montreal today

Mar 26 2021, 6:35 am

The Quebec government has given the green light for gyms and fitness centres to reopen across the province, including Montreal, as of today.

On March 12, the Minister for Education, Isabelle Charest, announced that all indoor sports facilities could reopen after more than five months of being forced to close.

“It’s the first phase of deconfinement, and it’s a start,” said Charest at the time. “Other steps will follow if all goes well. The most important thing is that people will finally be able to train and exert themselves physically.”

As gyms set to reopen to clients today, here are a few things you need to keep in mind as they reopen, according to the Quebec government:

  • Gym goers can train alone, in a maximum of two, or with people from the same household bubble
  • Gyms in Montreal can only permit a maximum of eight customers at a time.
  • Gym goers are required to wear masks at all times inside, except when they’re working out at a station. When they leave their workout station (Ex: getting water) they need to wear a mask.
  • Some gyms require registration before arrival.
  • Some gyms are implementing maximum time slots — the YMCA for example is allowing people to work out for a maximum of one hour per time slot.
  • Two-metre physical distancing must be practiced at all times between other clients.
  • Gym equipment must be wiped down after each use.

Here is a list of some gyms that are reopening across Montreal, as of March 26.

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