The 8 best places to see the leaves change in Montreal (PHOTOS)

Sep 27 2017, 6:49 pm

After all our recent heat, fall looks to have finally arrived in Montreal.

And that means there are still a few things to look forward to before we bundle up and hibernate until spring.

One is that the Canadiens’ season kicks off next week. Another is seeing the leaves change. For as white as things are about to get, we’re about to enter the most colourful time of the year.

Here are 8 of the best spots to see the leaves shine auburn this fall…

The Old Port

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While the Old Port may not have an abundance of trees, the ones that do show face along and through the cobblestone streets are complemented by one hell of a striking backdrop. When they say Montreal can feel a lot like Paris sometimes, a fall stroll among the changing leaves of the Old Port speaks to that comparison.

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Île de la Visitation

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Make your way to this tiny island made up almost entirely of lush parkland and enjoy a picnic under its colourful canopy. Weather permitting, you can even post up for a BBQ or fish in designated areas along its shores.

Parc Angrignon

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Arguably the nicest park in the city, Parc Angrignon has a little bit of everything: small waterfalls, winding streams, adventurous paths, a serene pond, and over 20,000 trees. You can imagine the scene when they shed their summer green for a fiery fall coat.

Montreal Botanical Garden

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A National Historic Site of Canada, Montreal’s outstanding botanical garden boasts 22,000 species over 190 acres, making it one of the most extensive botanical gardens in the world. There’s no better time to count yourself among the garden’s 700,000 annual visitors than fall, when bright yellows, reds, and oranges abound in all directions. The Chinese garden is especially notable.

La Fontaine Park

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Look no further for an escape from the city without ever stepping foot outside downtown(ish). Sitting petty in Plateau Mont-Royal, La Fontaine Park features a few waterfalls, two ponds, an arterial bike path, and soaring poplars just waiting for you to cast a gaze at their autumn auburn.

Mount Royal Park

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You probably could have guessed this one upon reading the title. You simply won’t find a more magical urban oasis to observe the leaves change. Make your way up the inner city mountain and stroll through Mount Royal Park in awe. While you’re there…

Mount Royal Cemetery

…meander through the terraced Mount Royal Cemetery, which covers 165 acres and boasts a selection of rare tree species each with their own fantastic foliage. From its founding in 1852 to the list of esteemed individuals interred at the cemetery, there’s plenty of history to absorb.

Parc Jean-Drapeau

We couldn’t end the list without a shoutout to the beloved Parc Jean-Drapeau. Sitting ever so nicely in the St. Lawrence River, this 520-acre park is almost as old as Canada has plenty of attractions to keep your attention. You’re going for the luscious leaves, of course, of which there are plenty. Set aside a few hours to stroll around the park’s two islands.

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