The Canadiens have picked up their adorable foster puppy (VIDEO)

Dec 6 2018, 3:54 pm

The Montreal Canadiens have added some adorable depth to their roster.

The organization has teamed up with the Mira Foundation to become a foster family to a male Saint-Pierre Labernese puppy for a year. The Canadiens will be responsible for socializing and grooming the puppy for a year, under Mira’s standards, to become a future guide or service dog.

The pup, named Flambo, was born on October 3, 2018, to a mother named Lenga and a dad named, Price (obviously).

According to Mira, the dog is a second-generation Labernese. Saint-Pierres share the qualities of the Labrador and Bernese mountain dogs in equal parts, making it majestic, noble, a faithful companion and an excellent guide and assistant for all Mira beneficiaries.

Sounds like he has all the qualities to make for a pretty good defenceman, if he can get his weight up.

The Canadiens’ new puppy will be introduced to fans during a home game against the Nashville Predators on January 5. Until then, revel in the cuteness of the Habs newest addition.

Fans will have the chance to meet the Habs dog at the Bell Centre, the Bell Sports Complex and at various community activities.

Founded in 1981, Mira is a non-profit organization that offers free guide and service dogs to people living with visual impairments, physical disabilities and children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Mira has allowed more than 3,000 people to have a better life by giving them a perfectly trained dog to assist in palliating their disabilities.

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