Montreal buses don't have to follow the province's winter tire rule

Dec 15 2017, 4:21 am

Montreal’s first significant snowfall of the season served as a reminder that roads can get chaotic for buses in winter weather.

However, Montreal buses are not required to follow the province’s December 15 deadline for snow tires.

“There are no winter tires on the market that fit our needs and requirements,” STM spokesperson Philippe Déry, told Daily Hive.

To ensure safe service during winter months all STM buses are fitted with new tires on the front wheels and traction tires on the back wheels. The replacement happens on November 15, one month before Quebec’s winter tire deadline.

“Our maintenance personel will even add deeper threads on the traction tires to provide enhanced traction through snow and ice,” said Déry.

During Tuesday’s snowstorm, some buses did end up slipping on the road. But Déry said that small incidents are bound to happen in terrible weather.

“Our bus drivers are trained professionals and their main objective is to ensure safe and efficient travels for their clients, whichever the conditions. During Tuesday’s snowstorm, at the peak of rush hour, we had 1400 buses in service,” he said.

“Even in winter, public transit remains an excellent choice to move safely and efficiently in the city.”

If you don’t drive an STM bus, having snow tires on your vehicle by December 15 is mandatory in Quebec.

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