This Montreal startup is making global bus travel simple

Dec 6 2019, 7:45 am

Snacks, playlists, a journey to the unknown. Let’s get one thing straight — road trips rule.

But why? After all, you’re just getting from one place to another. But it’s on the road where the memories are made.

Although the thought of driving a car across the country can seem like a thrilling experience, it can also be a hassle. Is it still as fun four hours into the trip, when your ankle is getting cramps from the gas pedal? Or your designated DJ has had the Crossroads soundtrack on repeat for the last four hours?

A Montreal startup thinks there’s a better way, which is why they’ve created Busbud, a booking platform that helps travellers go across the country via bus instead of car or plane. Not only is the company changing how you go on road trips, but it’s also changing how easy it is to access bus tickets.

Busbud founders/Busbud

When CEO LP Maurice was travelling around the world, he realized how inconvenient and disjointed the process of buying a bus ticket was. Travellers often had to go to the bus station in-person to get a ticket. Comparing things like prices, departure times, and amenities of all the bus companies for a particular route became a half-day excursion.

Founded seven years ago by three Montreal friends (two from McGill and one from Harvard), Busbud aggregates all of the best options for bus routes via its online booking platform. This means customers don’t have to hop to different websites to find the best deal.

Busbud mobile interface/Busbud

Whether you’re thinking of planning a road trip across the country from Montreal to Vancouver — or even a shorter trip like Toronto or New York — Busbud shows you all the options for bus trips from popular bus companies such as Boltbus, Trailways, Greyhound, and Flixbus, to name a few.

Busbud isn’t just for trips across the homeland, though. You can also access the online platform across 80 different countries, 12 different languages, and 30 different currencies. Those looking to travel across Europe, Latin America, Asia, and other parts of the world can jump online and discover bus routes from country to country, all in one place.

Busbud website/Busbud

Finally, taking the bus is also better for the environment, with buses having the lowest CO2 emissions out of any mode of transportation, especially when you compare that to cars or planes. Every time you choose the bus, you’re actually helping to save the planet.

Can’t wait to plan your next epic road trip — this time via bus? Check out Busbud to compare all the best tickets for your travel across country and the globe. You’ll be on the way to your next adventure in no time!