10 gorgeous beaches you can day trip to from Montreal this summer

Jul 17 2020, 10:57 am

As the summertime heat continues to scorch down on us, the most synonymous answer to the hot weather is to cool down on a beach.

The two go hand in hand.

With the ongoing pandemic,¬†Quebec‚Äôs Minister Responsible for the Status of Women, Isabelle Charest, says, “being outside is an important aspect of our lives‚ÄĚ and stressed that the ‚Äúnecessary adjustments‚ÄĚ must be made so everyone can enjoy their ‚Äúfavourite outdoor activities” and¬†beaches throughout the province are currently open.

Montreal, and its surrounding areas, feature a wide variety of beaches to check out this summer, some close, some farther away.

So pack the car, grab your friends, physically distance yourself, and head to the beach already – it’s summertime!

Oka National Park


Oka National Park boasts a gorgeous beach and a stunning view of Lake Deux Montagnes. They usually offer a variety of activities including canoeing, kayaking, biking, and pedal boating, some of which have been halted because of you-know-what.

Oka Beach is currently “partially open” with the capacity reduced to half.

The beach offers numerous picnic tables and several charcoal barbeques to use at your disposal. A lifeguard is always on duty.

When: Until September 2
Time: 8 am Р8 pm
Address:¬†2020 Chemin d’Oka, Oka
Distance from Montreal: 59 km
Admission: Free

Plage Saint-Zotique

Plage Saint-Zotique

This stunning beach set on the shores of the Saint Lawrence River in the township of Saint-Zotique, roughly an hour west of Montreal.

Plage Saint-Zotique is the perfect spot for a beach getaway without spending too much money. It’s got warm sand, tiki-inspired beach umbrellas, paddleboats, a playground, and a volleyball court.

When: Until September 4
Time: 9 am Р8 pm
Address: 105 81e avenue, Saint-Zotique
Distance from Montreal: 68 km
Admission: Free

Jean-Doré Beach

Jean-Doré Beach

Jean-Dor√© Beach is situated on Parc Jean Drapeau and has nice golden‚ÄĎsand and clear water. What makes it even more appealing is that it’s very close to downtown and easily accessible by bike or public transit.

Due to reduced capacity, the following activities will not take place at the beach during the 2020 season: Aquazilla, SUP: lessons, yoga & fitness and Beach Volleyball.

To limit the spread of the virus, Jean-Doré beach is closing certain sectors and services that might be a health risk. Changing rooms will no longer be accessible, and guests are asked to shower and suit up before coming to the beach.

Locker rooms are also inaccessible and beachgoers are being asked to keep their personal belongings with them.

The beach won’t be lending out any equipment or devices throughout the summer and the beach will also only allow 433 guests per group, and group sections are split into four slots throughout the day.

When: Until September 7
Time: 10 am Р6 pm
Address: 151 Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal
Distance from Montreal: 15 km
Admission: 3-13 years: $4, 14 years and over: $8

Saint-Timothée Beach

Destination Valleyfield

The Saint-Timothée beach is located on Ile-Papineau in Valleyfield and is a nice alternative to the lakeside beaches.

The Saint-Timothée beach faces the St-Lawrence River and can offer some pretty decent waves. They have an enclosed section for the young ones and a nice beachside bike path.

When: Until September 7
Time: 10 am Р6 pm
Address: 240, rue Saint-Laurent, Salaberry-de-Valleyfield
Distance from Montreal: 50 km
Admission: 5-15 years and 65 and older: $6, 16 years and older: $10

Sainte Gabriel Beach


Sainte Gabriel Beach is a trek from Montreal but ideal for people who enjoy the wilderness. With a total surface area of 10.5 square km and an average depth of 28 metres, Lake Maskinongé is an ideal spot for people who really want to physically distance and get out to a secluded spot in the middle of nowhere.

When: Until September 15
Time: 10 am Р6 pm
Address: 45, rue Beausoleil, Saint-Gabriel-de-Brandon
Distance from Montreal: 115 km
Admission: Free

l’Île Charron Beach

The l’Îl Charron Beach is located on the south shore of Longueuil and offers a great beachside view and swimming on the St-Lawrence River. Plus, some extended skyline views of the city of Montreal.

When: Until September 3
Time: 6 am Р11 pm
Address:¬†2495 rue de l’√éle-Charron, Longueuil
Distance from Montreal: 30 km
Admission: Free

Lac Saint-Joseph Beach


The beach at Lac Saint-Joseph is the only place in Quebec where you will find real coconut palm trees (albeit imported).

Lac Saint-Joseph Beach is located on a campsite so after your drive down, spend a few days and the beach itself stretches for an entire kilometre.

When: Until September 7
Time: 8 am Р9 pm
Address: 7001 Rte de Fossambault, Fossambault-sur-le-Lac
Distance from Montreal:  258 km
Admission: 3-12 years: $10, 13-17 years: $12, 18 and older: $15

Lac Simon Beach


Lac Simon Beach is located on the secluded side of Lake Barriere in Chénéville, the Outaouais region of Quebec.

Lac Simon Beach gives off a very exotic feel: the sand is gorgeous and off-white and a giant pier overlooks the 2-km-long beach.

The beach is currently running at half capacity to comply with public health guidelines.

When: Until September 7
Time: 10 am Р6 pm
Address: 1216 Rue Principale, Duhamel
Distance from Montreal: 168 km
Admission: Free

Cap-Saint-Jacques National Park Beach

Parcs Nature

This regional West Island park is home to some of the best beaches on the island.

There is a natural sand beach and a secluded bay but also calm waters ideal for swimming, They usually offer kayaking, stand up paddle-boarding, and pedal boats but not this summer because of COVID-19.

When: Until October 12
Time: 10 am Р7 pm
Address: 21115, boul. Gouin Ouest, Pierrefonds
Distance from Montreal: 38 km
Admission: 3-12 years: $4, 12 years and older: $8

Verdun Beach


Verdun’s one-year-old beach has adopted some pretty strict health precautions to limit the potential spread of the disease.

Beachgoers will be permitted access to the site in waves (no pun intended) at a maximum of 80 people every 45 minutes and everyone is to show up to the beach already wearing their bathing suits.

Locals are asked to call 514 280-0789 to find out if the water is swimmable every day before diving in.

But, the good news is, you’re very close to the island of Montreal.

When: Until September 2
Time: 10 am – 7 pm
Address: 4110 Boulevard LaSalle, Verdun
Distance from Montreal: 5.6 km
Admission: Free

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