10 Montreal-based influencers to follow in 2020

Jun 26 2020, 9:40 am

This article was written for Daily Hive by Jina Marwood of ID Agency.

Instagram has become a massive platform for businesses to get their products and services out there, and we’ve watched local digital creators grow into their own brand identities through social media content marketing.

With Montreal’s rich fashion industry, it’s no surprise that most of Montreal’s content creators seamlessly keep up with the latest trends.

We’ve chosen these Montreal-based influencers to feature because they’ve shown us how to transform their social media presence into successful careers.



Vanessa is a lifestyle influencer and Youtuber based in Montreal. Aside from her large online presence, she’s also a special education teacher and the founder of No Better You — an initiative that aims to advance education by providing specialized tools & space for students with special needs across Canada.



Katie’s content ranges from fashion & lifestyle to skincare, recipes, and beauty. She recently worked with sustainable jewelry company Ana Luisa and appears to have a passion for wine and charcuterie boards (we can relate).



Jason, who also goes by ‘Dim Sum Papi’, is a Montreal-based influencer with an enormous love for food. From fried chicken and burgers to pho, sushi, and ramen, you can rely on Jason to guide you through the hottest spots to eat in the city.



Demi is a style and beauty influencer. Her feed is filled with outfit inspiration, product recommendations, and a sea of pastels. She caught our attention after stating that the only thing she’s been eating in quarantine is pancakes (again, we can relate).



Reina is a fashion influencer who showcases ways to play up your wardrobe in a budget-friendly way. Her bio reads “look expensive but your clothes don’t have to be” — offering her audience different perspectives to shop without hurting your wallet. She also posts similar content through her Youtube channel.



Marina describes her content as a “visual journey of style, travels, and beauty,” and there’s no doubt that she delivers. From style inspiration to restaurant recommendations in Montreal, her content is worth the follow.



Julie Anne is a lifestyle blogger, Youtuber, and co-founder of a podcast called Generation Sidekick, where she and a friend talk about what it’s like being a woman in this generation and “how to survive your thirties.”



Josiane is a content creator and entrepreneur — founder of Maison Petite and Bold, an online store selling beautiful headwraps, home, and lifestyle items made in West Africa. Her drive to opening the business sparked from her passion to be an advocate for West-African craftsmanship.



Spencer is a Montreal and Toronto-based photographer and director who’s worked with globally recognized brands like Red Bull Music Academy, Askmen, ALDO, and Giro d’Italia. He describes his creative process to be stimulated by culture, textures, fashion, and perspectives of everyday life, with a curiosity for exploring the unexplored.



Eve is a model and foodie who also actively posts on her food account, where she shares nutrient-dense recipes and healthy hacks. Her main account is predominately lifestyle-focused, where she takes you into a day in her life — whether she’s travelling or lounging at home.

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