15 bars every university student needs to know about in Montreal

Aug 21 2018, 5:31 pm

Every university student needs a good spot in a dark room to think before and after class. And no, we don’t mean the library.

As the new school year begins, we thought it’d be wise to highlight the most important bars in student-filled areas to get the academic juices flowing.

It’s no coincidence that there are so many universities downtown and so many bars, they go hand-in-hand. You might even bump into your professor.

From cheap prices, good eats, friendly faces and fun atmospheres, here are the 15 bars in Montreal you’ve got to know if you’re a university student. We’re focusing specifically on places that are walkable from the universities because you know, alcohol.

Study hard.


Brutopia is a microbrew pub located on the ever-busy Crescent Street and the three-story spot certainly knows how to appeal to the student crowd.

They offer live entertainment every night: Sundays are the open mic jams, Mondays are trivia nights (drink prizes rewarded per round) and live bands from Tuesday through Saturday.

They also have 5 à 7 every day until 8 pm ($6 pints) and free shuffleboard.

Among their popular crafts is the American IPA, Rasberry Blond, Oatmeal Stout and their Hemp Ale. They’re also launching a new burger menu just in time for school.

Where: 1219 Rue Crescent
Time: 2 pm – 3 am (12 pm – 3 am on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays)


Grumpy’s is a Montreal staple. The dark basement bar has been around for decades and the place hasn’t changed. Don’t go to Grumpy’s if you’re hoping for a big screen showing a Habs game, it’s your traditional Irish dive bar where you go to talk. The stone-walled bar has banquets and tables, the perfect spot to drink over a good or bad exam.

The cozy spot also hosts live music every night and open mic comedy shows every Tuesday. Grumpy’s doesn’t serve food but their house beers are cheap, tasty and you can bring in food from elsewhere. They have a 15-person terrace too, perfect for people watching on Bishop.

Plus, Grumpy’s bartenders, Gern, Garth and Ram can pour one of the most perfect Guinness pints in the city.

Where: 1242 Rue Bishop
Time: 2 pm – 3 am

London Pub

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Located perfectly between Crescent Street and Maisonneuve, London Pub is the eye to all of downtown’s action. The pub has a giant, open, garage-style door that makes you feel like you’re sitting on the constantly busy street.

Besides offering a free dart board, and jukebox, London Pub has a good draft beer selection, an impressive scotch list and a ‘Beat the Box’ game that you can play with the bartenders. (Tread lightly, it gets you drunk, quickly).

On Mondays, they have drink specials, a perfect way to start the school week.

Where: 1337 Boulevard Maisonneuve Ouest
Time: 2 pm – 3 am


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Blizzarts has played a key role for students on the night scene for over 15 years. With different themes every night of the week, the club/lounge’s soundtrack ranges from hip-hop, reggae and rock ‘n roll music from every era.

If you need a quick school getaway, Blizzarts is for you. It’s always packed with students, dancing the night away.

They offer drink specials and shot deals, what else do you need?

Where: 3956 Boulevard Saint Laurent
Time: 10 pm – 3 am

McKibbin’s Irish Pub

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McKibbin’s Irish Pub has four locations spread out across the Montreal area but the downtown location and The Plateau spots are the ones you students should be aware of.

The Bishop location has three floors that include a quiet basement bar, the popular dining area and the dance club. They have over 25 beers on tap, signature cocktails and a tasty, affordable authentic Irish food menu.

On Wednesdays, students should check out their third-floor “Open Bar: Hooley Night.” $25 for guys, $10 for girls for all-you-can-drink Moosehead beer, vodka, rum, rye, gin and whiskey – there’s no better Wednesday deal in the city.

The Saint Laurent location has entertaining live bands every night, the same tasty menu and enough space to fit all your new classmates.

Where: 1426 Rue Bishop, 3515 Boulevard Saint Laurent
Time: 11 am – 3 am

Le Warehouse

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Le Warehouse Crescent is a two-story rustic style bar that is very popular with students. It could be their giant terrace, massive cocktails or their all-day $5 food menu or it could be the fact that the bar is very Instagrammable.

Regardless, Le Warehouse knows how to take care of their students. Their food menu is very affordable and equally yummy.

The bar is always packed and yet still, very casual.

Where: 1446 Rue Crescent
Time: 11 am – 3 am

Bar Bifteck

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Don’t let Bifteck’s prison-barred-doors fool you, the place is actually quite inviting. The dive-tavern always has something going on: sports, stand-up comedy, music or free pool tables. It’s a popular spot among the student body.

They don’t have a food licence but are very accommodating if you want to bring in a slice of pizza, or tacos from across the street.

Plus, they have arguably the cheapest drink deals in the city and free popcorn. A win-win.

Where: 3702 Boulevard Saint Laurent
Time: 2 pm – 3 am

Moose Bawr

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Moose Bawr fuses good music, tasty eats and plenty of alcohol to attract their student customers and unsurprisingly, it works. They offer plenty of bar-games and winners get to chalk their name into the Moose Bawr Wall of Fame.

They also constantly update their signature cocktail menu and they specialize in different varieties of hot dogs.

Where: 1817 Rue Ste. Catherine Ouest
Time: 10:30 am – 3 am

Ye Olde Orchard Pub & Grill

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There are three Ye Olde Orchard Pubs scattered across the island but the two for students are downtown and Saint Laurent. The cozy spot is a perfect place to bring some friends if you need extra “studying” time.

The live music makes for a great ambiance and they also host stand-up comedy shows and pub trivia nights on Mondays and Tuesdays.

The food menu serves traditional Irish grub and it’s all very appetizing and hefty portions. They also have daily happy hour deals, coincidentally right after class is done.

Be wary if you’re heading to the downtown location before a Canadiens’ game however, it gets crazy busy.

Where: 20 Rue Prince Arthur, 1189 Rue de la Montagne
Time: 11:30 am – 3 am

McLean’s Pub

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McLean’s is a storied English sports pub that keeps things simple: draft beer, grub and pool tables. They also have a 30-person terrace which hangs over the historic Dominion Square Park.

McLeans location, a block away from the Scotiabank movie theatre, is perfect if you want a quick bite or drink before catching a flick. We’d recommend doubling up at McLean’s before a cheapie Tuesday Scotiabank movie for an inexpensive and eventful Tuesday date night.

Or, head in with a bunch of your peers, play some free pool and try to tackle their 10-litre tower of beer. Yes, you read that right.

Where: 1210 Rue Peel
Time: 11 am – 3 am

Mad Hatter Pub

Mad Hatters (as it’s unofficially known) used to be the go-to dive bar downtown. They’ve since moved to a new location and though it might not be considered a dive bar anymore, it’s a lot of fun and very popular.

They’ve added more pool tables, a chic décor and expanded their food and drink menu while keeping their old cheap prices.

They host themed trivia nights, live bands and cater to all sorts of events.

Where: 1240 Rue Crescent
Time: 11 am – 3 am

The Blue Dog Motel

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Blue Dog may look like a museum (the front is decorated as an old-school barber shop) but it’s actually one of Montreal’s most popular dive bars. The narrow bar hosts DJs, bands and stand-up comedians on their small stage, it’s tight but that’s all part of the charm.

They don’t serve food but they have a tall boy of Pabst Blue Ribbon and a Jameson shot for $6. Plus, free candy.

That’s the vibe they go for and it works. Especially with the students.

Where: 3958 Boulevard Saint Laurent
Time: 10 pm – 3 am

Brass Door Pub

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Brass Door may be quiet and small but if you’re looking for some classy décor and a delicious food menu, it’s your go-to spot.

They offer a small beer and spirit list but favour quality over quantity. Located a few blocks too far up Crescent, it’s not overly busy, perfect if you want some quiet times with your school pals or somewhere to actually study.

You can’t go wrong with their scrumptious 35 cent wing deal on Wednesdays.

Where: 2171 Rue Crescent
12 pm – 3 am

Sir Winston Churchill Pub

Winnie’s is one of, if not the most popular bar downtown. But luckily, they don’t let it get to their heads.

They have a massive terrace that overhangs Crescent Street so you can enjoy the traffic over a nice meal or drink.

The real treat for students is their Tuesday night deal. $7 admission and then speed rail drinks, shots and beers for only $2.50 – a Montreal classic for decades.

If you’re looking for a Tuesday spot after class, Winnie’s is calling your name.

Where: 1455 Rue Crescent
Time: 11:30 am – 3 am

Kampai Garden

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Kampai Garden is a bar that’s surrounded by, you guessed it, a garden. It’s full of plants, flowers and good vibes. If you’re looking for a place to study, do work or read, Kampai is your spot, during the day.

At night, it turns into a pretty popular dance club with cocktails and an impressive food menu. Kampai adds a touch of class as their bartenders mix signature drinks in the middle of a gorgeous and spacious spot.

Though not the best student deals in town, the atmosphere alone is worth it.

Where: 1616 Rue Ste. Catherine Ouest
Time: 11 am – 2 pm, 5 pm – 1 am (5 pm – 3 am on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays)

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