7 eco-friendly Montreal businesses you can support right now

Jul 15 2020, 9:13 am

“MINI Adventures” is a content series powered by the new all-electric MINI Cooper SE and Daily Hive, taking you on a virtual tour of eco-friendly and progressive businesses that you can support in your city. 

How we think about and approach shopping changes as we grow older. A pandemic can change one’s mindset pretty quickly, too, and prompt us to reconsider our needs as consumers.

At a time when there is much uncertainty in the world, many people want to support local businesses that align with their values and promote a greener future. We’re also more conscious of the impacts our purchases have on the planet and the carbon footprint they leave.

The choices we make today have the power to make tomorrow a more sustainable place in which to live. It could be as simple as where you do your grocery shopping or buy your jeans that makes a big impact.

Instead of focusing on the things you can’t control, think about what’s possible by supporting innovators in the local community. We’ve curated a list of eco-friendly businesses in Montreal to help you get started.

Station Service


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Textile waste continues to be a massive issue globally, but the ethical Montreal boutique Station Service is working to reduce this impact. In 2016, Raphaëlle Bonin launched the company to create an environmentally-friendly solution to fast fashion. As part of its slow fashion concept, customers can purchase and own durable and timeless clothing. Shop safely at Station Service with its online appointment option (and delivery via bike) or in-store with limited capacity.

Address: 72 Rue Rachel East
Instagram: @station_service


When Deva and Jeff Asch couldn’t find quality and antibiotic-free food in Montreal, they decided to take matters into their own hands. The pair met with local organic farmers and started a food delivery service from their garage. As the business grew, they opened up a brick-and-mortar grocery store where they continue to sell certified-organic and locally-sourced fruits, vegetables, meats, poultry, and seafood. Stop by the Monkland Avenue shop or order food to your doorstep via EcollegeY’s new online store.

Address: 6131 Monkland Avenue
Instagram: @ecollegey

Café le 5e


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Paper coffee cups with plastic lids can’t be found at Café le 5e in Verdun. The low-waste café serves up cup-brews in-store and has reusable mason bars that visitors can buy to take their beverage to go. The food menu is packed with healthy vegan cuisine and coffee by Quebec’s organic and fair trade roasters, Lenoir & Lacroix. Dine-in for brunch at the weekend or al fresco with a takeout order.

Address: 4437 Wellington Street, Verdun
Instagram: @le5e.cafe

Encore Books

For second-hand books and records in Montreal, look to Encore Books. The community shop was founded by a father and son duo who enjoy music and reading. Hundreds of new arrivals including rare titles and records land on the shelves each week. If you’re interested in recycling your pre-loved books or records, the store buys these items back. It also purchases CDs, DVDs, turntables, antique items, and more. Stop by the store or call before you arrive to check the value of your items.

Address: 5670 Sherbrooke Street West
Instagram: @encorebooks



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Over on Rue Saint-Denis, Rebicycle fosters a collaborative community. It supports the circular economy and sustainable manufacturing by upcycling used bikes. Anyone can have a custom bicycle made at the store (or remotely) using new and recycled parts. The team at Rebicycle has an inventory of ethically-sourced bicycles, and it uses frames made of hi-tensile steel in the production of custom bikes. By transforming the process of buying a second-hand bicycle, the store reduces waste and ensures product safety.

Address: 3801 Rue Saint-Denis
Instagram: @rebicyclemtl

Espace Nomad

A hidden gem in the city, Espace Nomad takes an eco-friendly approach to relaxation and revitalization. Founder Julie Mercier opened the spa in 2006, and in recent years she has expanded the list of treatments available. Trained therapists at Espace use organic and chemical-free products during holistic treatments aimed at benefiting the body and soul. The spa also has an in-house herbalist who prepares everything from scrubs to their organic honey wraps. Book in for a naturopathica facial treatment and unwind.

Address: 4660 Saint-Laurent Boulevard
Instagram: @espacenomad



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Montreal is renowned for its food scene, with restaurants like Candide making a splash. Chef and founder of the upscale eatery, John Winter Russell, is big into reducing waste and supporting local suppliers. The menu changes frequently based on what locally-sourced ingredients are in season, but creative vegetarian options are always a feature. Candide was named one of Canada’s 100 Best restaurants, and it’s now possible to try its offerings by ordering through the new online store.

Address: 551 Rue Saint-Martin
Instagram: @restaurant_candide

Exploring Montreal’s most sustainable businesses is better when you know you’re making an impact before you set out to go shopping. Whether you’re heading out to collect something for pickup, or perusing the shelves at a safe distance, reaching each location in a vehicle like the new all-electric MINI Cooper SE lets you do this with low impact, zero emissions, and instant acceleration due to battery-powered driving technology.

MINI Canada and the MINI Electric lineup are passionate about making tomorrow’s urban living environment a more sustainable place. To discover how MINI Electric can get you around the city in eco-friendly style, click here.

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