Everything you need to know about the Lole White Tour Montreal

Aug 15 2016, 3:56 pm

Namaste, our fellow Montreal yogis. The Lole White Tour is back in the city where it all started on August 18, 2016.

Originating in Montreal in 2012, this year marks the fifth time that the Lole White Tour is being held in our fair city.

Promising to be “a uniquely invigorating experience for body and soul,” the Lole White Tour is a yoga event dedicated to inner peace. The event typically garners thousands of attendees making it one of the largest yoga gatherings in Montreal.

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This year’s Montreal event will be taught by expert yoga teachers Seane Corn, Dawn Mauricio, and Genevieve Guerard.

Join thousands of Montrealers in Old Port at 5:30 pm for the hippest sunset yoga session of the summer. Participants are asked to arrive at 5:30 pm, though the actual yoga session won’t start until 7:45 pm. The hour-long yoga class will conclude with a relaxing musical performance by indie singer and pianist, Ariane Zita.

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Grab your yoga mat, your hottest white yoga outfit, and head to Old Port for some sunset yoga, Lole-style.

Lole White Tour Montreal

When: August 18, 2016
Where: Old Port
Admission: Tickets are $40 and can be bought here
Dress code: All white