Two metre physical distancing will last "months" in Quebec: Legault

Apr 8 2020, 10:52 am

Quebec Premier François Legault is asking citizens to get used to physical distance measures because he says the guidelines will be in place for “months.”

As part of his daily COVID-19 briefings, the premier said physical distancing is part of the “new culture.” He’s urging Quebecers to “visualize” the measures going forward. “We can’t be too close, we can’t shake hands. For a certain number of months, let’s start to focus on this,” he said in French.

In lieu of Tuesday’s provincial projections, Legault said he is optimistic and sees “light at the end of the tunnel” but citizens must remain prudent.

“The last few days’ data makes me optimistic,” he said. “We are starting to win this fight together and I’m very proud of the work of Quebecers. We just have to continue to work hard to get out of this crisis.”

Though he said the province is “not yet there,” Legault explained that next steps — assuming Quebecers continue to abide by the physical distancing rules — would be to reopen stores and businesses.

“Get used to the guideline,” he stressed while noting that even when trains, buses, and restaurants open, people won’t be physically close to each other.

He said in order to get back to normal day-to-day routine, provincial numbers have to stabilize first. To do so, he concluded, Quebecers are asked to “keep working hard.”