Canadian vitamin brand to give away free immune-focused meals and supplements

Sep 28 2020, 11:10 pm

As we move into cold and flu season in what is sure to be an unprecedented year, more organizations are looking for ways to support the public to be strong and healthy.

Jamieson Vitamins, one of Canada’s leading vitamin and natural-health product manufacturers, is among them.

The company has partnered with Montreal-based company Jenny’s Food Prep to offer the city’s residents immune-focused meals and supplements. Each week throughout the month of October, people can win free immune-supporting meals through the Jenny’s Food Prep website, plus free Cold Fighter supplements designed to fight early signs of cold and flu symptoms.

The goal of the initiative is to not only help individuals boost their immune systems, but create a ripple effect of support for vulnerable people in our community. To accomplish this, Jamieson has committed to making a donation to Food Banks Canada for every Jamieson x Jenny’s Food Prep Immune Supporting Meal Kit purchased in October.

Jenny’s Food Prep/Jamieson Vitamins

As a thank you for supporting this important cause, anyone who places an order will also receive one-month free of My Vitamins when they sign up for a three-month subscription.

“Immune health is incredibly important all year round. But now that we are entering the cold and flu season, it’s vital to ensure our bodies are provided with the nutrients required to support a healthy immune system. This is easiest when combining supplements and a healthy diet,” said Cheryl Wright, Nutrition Education Manager of Jamieson Vitamins.

She continued, “That’s why we’re so excited to partner with Canadian meal-delivery services to offer these limited-edition Immune Supporting Meal Kits. Through this program, we hope to build awareness of the roles both food choices and supplements can play throughout the fall and winter months.”

Jamieson Vitamins’ initiative stretches across Canada, and the brand has partnered with FED in Vancouver and Honey Bee Meals in Toronto to deliver Canadians immune-focused meals and supplements right to their doors.

To see the nutritious menu available in Montreal and learn more about how you can place an order, visit

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