Montreal hockey arena turns into temporary "mobile hospital" for coronavirus patients

Apr 27 2020, 7:31 am

A joint partnership between the Canadian Red Cross, the borough of LaSalle, the CIUSSS, and the West Island IUHSSC has turned a hockey arena into a temporary “mobile hospital” for COVID-19 patients.

Located near Hôpital de LaSalle, Aréna Jacques-Lemaire has swapped out its ice to accommodate up to 40 patients with COVID-19 from long-term care homes.

According to a press release, teams have been working “tirelessly” since April 15 to make the temporary setup possible.

The initiative was launched to help support both the public and private long-term care centres and the private seniors’ residences throughout LaSalle.

The mobile hospital allows for added space and accommodation for patients who need to be transferred to dedicated coronavirus care units at Hôpital de LaSalle, where beds are at a premium.

Croix-Rouge canadienne/Facebook


“We thank the Canadian Red Cross for providing the equipment needed to set up this mobile hospital,” reads a French press release. “The expertise and efforts of all those who contributed to the creation of this mobile hospital allow us to adhere to the IUHSSC needs while also limiting the spread. The priority remains unchanged: ensuring the health and safety of patients, residents, civilians and veterans, and staff.”