Here’s what your gin cocktail choice says about you

Oct 14 2022, 3:58 pm

You may not be thinking twice about your cocktail order, but the bartender serving you is certainly making some assumptions about you.

Whether you’re ordering vodka, a pint, or a top-shelf liquor, what you decide to drink says a lot about your personality. But something that’s always seen as some version of cool is gin, and nothing’s cooler than Hendrick’s Gin.

In fact, Hendrick’s Gin has recently washed ashore a new limited-edition release from the Cabinet of Curiosities — Neptunia. A sea-inspired sensory sensation, Neptunia balances the Hendrick’s Gin signature combination of cucumber and rose, with an enticing chorus of deeply refreshing Scottish coastal botanicals, culminating in an astonishingly smooth citrus finish.

Aligning with their recent nautical launch, Hendrick’s has partnered with Project Seagrass, an environmental charity devoted to conserving seagrass ecosystems. Seagrass meadows are of fundamental importance to world fisheries production. They provide a valuable nursery habitat to over one-fifth of the world’s largest 25 fisheries.

Without seagrass meadows, we wouldn’t have the sea — the inspiration behind this gin. This partnership between Hendrick’s and Project Seagrass hopes to raise awareness around ocean conservation, and help to fund their efforts in marine biodiversity.

Whether you like your gin stirred in a martini or with a splash of tonic, here’s what your gin cocktail preference says about your unusual personality.

Gin Martini 

A splash of dry vermouth with a majority of Hendrick’s Gin, ordering a Gin Martini suggests you’re a classic old soul who enjoys the finer things in life.

As someone who understands how to enjoy a spirit in its purest form, you always make a point to note that a martini should always be stirred, not shaken like some uninformed spies would suggest.

Simple and elegant, you’ll enjoy Hendrick’s Gin in its purest form, and while describing its infusion of cucumber and rose with the highest quality assemblage of 11 botanicals from around the world might seem boring to some, your guests will be enraptured by the way you luxuriate in every detail.

Gin Gimlet 

Ordering a Gin Gimlet shows you’re the captain of your ship and are great at finding buried treasure.

While others might be complacent in their choices, you set your sails for the high seas and crave a life full of adventure.

Equal parts simple syrup and lime juice, a gimlet might be simplistic in its composition. If you’re looking to elevate your next gimlet, Hendrick’s Neptunia with entice you with its chorus of invigorating coastal botanicals and bright citrus finish, making for a refreshing cocktail that will convert even the saltiest of seadog on your crew.


Mixing up equal parts gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth to pour over ice and serve with a slice of orange, ordering a Negroni is a sign that you’re up to date on current trends. And yes, while you think this cocktail leans on the citrusy notes of Hendrick’s, your crew isn’t as interested in hearing you blabber on, again.

Look, you know they appreciate the fact that you take them to the coolest places. You probably recommended the hip new speakeasy your friends are currently waiting at while you’re running an hour late trying to find the right fit.

When you finally arrive, your friends will be so impressed by your ordering of the “cocktail du jour,” your tardiness will be forgiven. Just make sure not to make it a habit.

Tom Collins 

Taking gin and mixing it in one sugar cube, lemon juice and soda water, garnishing with a lemon wedge and a cherry, you’re a lot like the origins of Tom Collins’ name, in that you’re an old goofball.

You love a good rousing joke, especially when it gets your friends to come down to the bar for a classic and refreshing cocktail.

Those who enjoy the unusual will appreciate a Hendrick’s twist on this classic cocktail with their Orchard Collins — made with cider and ginger beer.

Gin and Tonic 

Look, we’re not judging, being a little basic doesn’t mean you’re not cool. While you’re still lovingly trying to figure yourself out, you continue to stay curious and are open to exploring new things.

Still getting your feet wet, you’ve secured the treasure that is a highball glass, which is the best vessel for a Gin and Tonic.

Now that you’ve finally found an appreciation for elevated drinking, you would do well to take your typical G&T a step further. For an absurdly satisfying combination, try a Hendrick’s Neptunia and Tonic, and dress it up with three slices of cucumber.

Gin Fizz 

While you might be a little high maintenance at times, you’re usually anything but. With egg whites, soda water, and simple syrup, you’re often described as frothy, bubbly, and sweet.

A popular choice for a reason, you really do the emotional labour to make sure everyone in your crew stays on deck.

If you want to have a low-key night without much fuss, a Hendrick’s Neptunia Fizz will easily cut out some of the more laborious steps while delivering a ravishingly refreshing opera of flavour you appreciate.

If you want to make yourself one of these cocktails, get your personality in order, or are interested in learning more about how you reel in a bottle of Hendrick’s Neptunia, visit the Hendrick’s Gin website.

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