Free shuttle bus from Montreal to Yamaska National Park every Saturday this summer

May 15 2018, 3:58 am

Parkbus wants you to see more of this gorgeous country.

So, pack a lunch, hop on a shuttle bus and spend the day in the great Canadian outdoors!

Parkbus is offering free shuttle services from downtown Montreal to Yamaska National Park every Saturday from July 14 to October 13.

Yamaska is located in La Haute in the Montérégie region of Quebec, northeast of Granby. Its hilly landscape hosts creeks, mountain trails, and breathtaking open spaces. The majority of the land is forested and boasts over 40 tree species including maple, fir, eastern hemlock, grey birch, and basswood.

The park is also home to 35 mammal species, 16 amphibian species, and over 230 different types of birds.

Yamaska National Park


The shuttle will depart every Saturday from the Montreal Tourism Info Centre on Rue Metcalfe. It leaves twice in the morning with two return trips in the afternoon.

Park hopefuls can make their seat reservations starting in mid-June. Every bus will be staffed with a facilitator who will offer an outdoor safety guide.

The service is free, although Parkbus will ask for a credit card in order to register.

Yamaska National Park is also free so don’t freight about packing loads of cash with your mosquito repellent.

Check out TD Park Express for more information and spoil yourself by looking at other impressive charged offers at the Parkbus website.

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