A build-your-own crepe franchise is on its way to Montreal

Mar 11 2019, 2:27 pm

La FĂȘte Ă  CrĂȘpe, a Parisian crepe chain, is slated to open its first location in Montreal.

The franchise’s first Canadian location is expected to (pan)cake down in the Shaughnessy Village, downtown.

The chain works as a “Subway” style format where customers can build their own crepes from nothing.

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Toppings from the six locations around Paris offer a wide range of sweet and savoury crepe fillers, ranging from jam, honey, syrup and berries to candy, cheese, vegetables, beef, chicken and a variety of specialty sauces.

Essentially, anything you want on a thin pancake.

The concept allows customers with a slew of options to compile a crepe of your dreams.

FĂȘte Ă  CrĂȘpe/Facebook

Besides a near infinite amount of do-it-yourself crepes, the chain also offers decadent smoothies and milkshakes.

FĂȘte Ă  CrĂȘpe currently has over 30 locations across France, with ten more lined up to open before 2020, as well as locations in Belgium and Morocco.

FĂȘte Ă  CrĂȘpe/Facebook

FĂȘte Ă  CrĂȘpe/Facebook

Besides being located in the Shaughnessy Village, details are still scarce as to when Montreal’s FĂȘte Ă  CrĂȘpe outlet will open, but we’ll be sure to crepe keep you updated.