Everything you missed at this year’s GoalMTL charity tournament

Jul 21 2016, 3:33 am

One of our favourite charity events of the year came and went by too fast! The annual GoalMTL charity soccer tournament took place 2 weeks ago but memories and talks of the fun that was had are still heard all over.

If you missed this year’s awesome event and didn’t see Knox Tavern take home the Lions Cup, worry not; we caught up with Co-Founder, Paul Desbaillets to get the scoop on what went down and what’s in store!

What were your thoughts on Goal this year?

Goal was a fantastic showing from the city this year. Everyone came from all over the city to support the two charities we were raising money for. The Footie Gods were on our side once again for this 6th edition. Having all the new food tents and spirit activations on site really added
to the party atmosphere. The euro match on the Jumbotron was a huge hit too!

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How much was raised this year?

We raised $42,000 and couldn’t be happier!

What was new this year that you think made it better?

The Human Babyfoot game and the different beers and mixed drink stations added a lot to the social aspect of the event. Cold Coffee from CAFMTL was a huge hit and people loved to mix that with the Jameson on hand. The food served from a few of our favourite local restaurants was a great addition. We also did a Jerk-Chicken contest for the first time ever crowing the King of the “jerk-off”…no pun intended.

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Is soccer the next big thing in Montreal?

Soccer is on the rise in North America and Montreal for sure!
With Drogba playing for your local MLS team, and the idea that there are
more Canadian boys and girls playing the sport than hockey, shows you where
the sport is heading. It also helps that the sport is accessible to everyone and every income

Are there any other events before Goal kicks off next year?

We have a few plans to help grow the charity. In November we are planning a
charity silent auction, and another ‘Goal Football Invitational’
where we bring local celebrities together for a VIP experience.

To see all the fun that was had, check out some of the best Instagram shots below and make sure to attend next year!

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