7 eco-friendly grocery stores to support in Montreal

Jul 28 2020, 7:47 pm

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Eco-friendly grocery shopping is an entirely new level of tasty. As climate change becomes more prominent around the world, the desire and awareness among foodies at eco-friendly shops are on the rise.

Without a doubt, the items we pick up and inevitably eat from grocery stores have major ripple effects on the wellbeing of the planet. From transport, storing, preparing, stocking, packaging, and disposing, all the steps from getting food to the store to your plate comes with major ecological impacts.

As more shops seek to reduce their ecological footprint, they’re switching the focus to composting, organic products, sustainability, and the reduction of waste.

Here are a few trendy and tasty eco-friendly groceries in Montreal to support next time you’ve got to stock up.

MĆ©ga Vrac


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With two locations on the island, MĆ©ga Vrac boasts over 1,000 products, including (but not limited to) spices, nuts, granola, fruits, veggies, and much more, all while using organic and recycled packaging.

Address: 3101 rue Masson & 3562 rue Ontario Est,



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With three locations across the Montreal metro area, LOCO stocks everything from bulk grains, eggs, to kombucha, and teas. LOCO focuses on locally-made and sustainable products.

Address:Ā 422 Jarry,Ā 4437 Wellington, &Ā 7800 boulevard Taschereau

Vrac & Bocaux


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Vrac & Bocaux’s motto is “the best waste is no waste” and they definitely hold true to it. They offer a variety of healthy, local, and eco-friendly products from cheeses, spices, grains, fruits, and vegetables, all at great prices.

Address:Ā 6698 Christophe Colomb



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Branded as Montreal’s “only all-organic grocery store,” ecollogey has a plethora of fresh vegetables, fruits, and meats. They’re known around NDG for their poultry and seafood, all while being certified organic.

“The goal of our shop is to provide you with the freshest food available,” states the ecollogey website. “We achieve this by bonding with many local organic farmers.”

Address:Ā 6131 Monkland Avenue

Club Organic

Club Organic offers a ton of fresh organic fruit, vegetables, a hefty frozen food section, and a large selection of products in bulk.

The products are high-qulity, organic, and uses zero waste.

Address:Ā 1584 Ave Laurier Est



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This shop offers nuts, herbs, coffee, and other goods in bulk as well as organic body and cleaning products.

Besides being a zero-waste grocery, they also offer tasty coffee right smack in the middle of the always-busy St-Laurent Boulevard.

Address:Ā 3985 Boulevard St-Laurent


NousRire is a quant little shop that prioritizes limiting its ecological impacts and footprint while offering organic, tasty, and locally-produced products.

Address:Ā  5333 #201, Avenue Casgrain

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