Canadian airline passengers had an epic East Coast singalong at Pearson Airport last night (VIDEO)

Nov 21 2017, 9:43 pm

It can be quite boring waiting in an airport for your flight to depart.

However, if you happen to be on the same flight as a group of East Coast Canadians, then chances are you’re in for a real treat.

On Monday evening, passengers of an evening flight from Toronto’s Pearson Airport turned a boring airport gate into a Canadian party.

One passenger broke out his accordion, while another brought out his guitar. Mix in a group of happy singers and you’ve got the ingredients for an authentic Newfoundland “kitchen party.”

There has since been a number of videos shared on social media by passenger Michelle Sacrey Philpott, with some already racking up over two hundred thousand views.

In the videos, you can hear the groups singing a number of East Coast songs, including Grey Foggy Day, Sweet Forget Me Not, and Music and Friends.

Some passengers can even be seen dancing and clapping. It’s truly an incredible sight.

“This is just one of the reasons why we are proud to be a Newfoundlander,” wrote Sacrey Philpott in one of her shared videos.

This is just another example of why East Coast Canadians are known for their warm, welcoming hospitality, and their kitchen parties.

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