Which popular drive-thru restaurants do Montrealers like the most?

Jan 13 2022, 5:22 pm

Takeout and drive-thrus are popular among Montrealers these days, but which one is your favourite?

Confused.com, a comparison website, has ranked Canada’s most popular drive-thru restaurants, with Montreal being the only city in the country whose preferred option is not Starbucks.

“The invention of the drive-thru marked a huge change in the way we enjoy food and drinks,” says the report. “With tons of convenience, reasonable prices, and no need to stand up, it’s no surprise that the drive-thru phenomenon has become extremely popular in recent years.”

The report says Canada “runs on coffee” as the country’s top drive-thru choice is Starbucks. Not in Montreal, however.

“Starbucks drive-thru” is searched 33,100 times a month on average by Canadians, according to the report, yet Montrealers search “McDonald’s drive-thru” 880 more times than the coffee franchise.


In third place among Canadians (and Montrealers) is KFC. The finger-lickin’ good restaurant sees 1,600 searches a month for “KFC drive-thru.”

Where’s your favourite drive-thru chain in Montreal to get your in-car fix?

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