21 questions with: Drea Wheeler

Aug 22 2016, 8:02 pm

With the plethora of amazing movers and shakers residing in Montreal, we figured why not get them to open up a little and allow you to get to know the face behind the brand.

From restaurant owners to fashion designers and those making a difference in our community, every week we will be featuring someone new and giving you a quick and intimate access into where they eat, shop, chill, and of course, have coffee.

Let the 21 questions begin….

Name: Drea Wheeler

Place of birth: Lubbock, Texas.

Where do you live now?: Montreal (best city in Canada).

Favourite thing about your hood: My hood is in the center of the city, I can literally walk every where…it’s great.

Occupation: Health Club Director at Victoria Park and I also train a few celebrities when they are in town – I have an awesome gig.

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If you can describe your job in a few words, what would it be:

A dream come true! Sometimes I pinch myself because it doesn’t feel like work. I genuinely love what I do for a living.

Favourite spot to grab coffee: Sous Chef, it’s connected to Victoria Park and is the best coffee in town hands down!

If you can eat breakfast at one place all day I’d be at: Mom and pop breakfast spot on Milton by McGill, they have the best egg and bacon breakfast!

You party the night away at: Santos! They ALWAYS have good music.

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Your perfect place to relax is: Any hot beach…

Favourite local shop for cool gear: Boutique W – WLKN. I wish I had their entire women’s section.

Local getaway you can’t get enough of: Tremblant is my happy place and it’s so close to home!

Best spot to grab a drink: You’re going to laugh but its Chō! Brandon always gives me the best drinks there and then I follow up with their delicious bao buns.

New spot you’re most excited about: I have yet to try Jatoba…

When you need to break a sweat you go to: Victoria Park Health Club of course!

Best meal you’ve had in Montreal: Rubs! It’s my favorite restaurant (Best Texas bbq outside of Texas).

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What annoys you the most about Montreal: The winter… I hate the cold.

What do you love the most about Montreal: The summers!! Montreal comes alive in the summer and it’s awesome.

What makes someone a Montrealer: When you’ve lived through two winters… #thestruggleisreal

How do you survive winter here: I travel A LOT during the winter. I lucked out with a fiancé that is a pilot.

And finally, Montreal is….: Home