Quebec's $1.25 'croissant day' returns to Montreal on April 25

Mar 10 2020, 4:31 pm

Next month, foodies searching for a cheap, tasty croissant (or several) will be in luck.

The province’s event celebrating the buttery and flaky pastry returns to over 100 spots around Quebec for one day, dishing out the delicious treat for just over a buck.

Essentially, it’s not a lot of dough for a lot of dough.

La Fête du croissant, Montreal’s ‘croissant day’ returns to the city on April 25 with over 100 bakeries and pastry shops joining in on the fun.

“Each year, thousands of friends, neighbours, and families head to their local artisan to get their hands on these delicious croissants,” reads the croissant website, who warns that pastry fans better move quickly. “The event sees huge success throughout the province: The pastries fly off the shelves literally like hot cakes! Bakeries often sell out in a matter of hours — even minutes.”

La Fête du croissant dedicates themselves to using their expertise to craft fresh croissants daily. All participating spots follow a list of guidelines to be able to qualify, according to La Fête du croissant.

  • Each batch is made by an experienced professional (an artisan)
  • Croissants are made by using both techniques of raising (with yeast) and folding (for flakiness) the dough – the core of any real croissant
  • Contains pure butter only (of course)
  • Rolled by hand (and not by some machine)
  • Made fresh every morning, raised and baked on site (with tons of love)

To find out who’s participating in the croissant-a-thon, look for a logo or sticker that reads “Proud Artisan of La Fête du Croissant,” followed by the year.

The logo certifies the commitment of the establishment where it is displayed and almost guarantees that you will enjoy croissants that are fresh and hand-made by a skilled artisan.


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Pastry fans can also visit the event’s website to specifically search which local shop is boasting the stellar deal, as well as the event’s European participants in case you want to take this one-day deal real seriously.

 La Fête du Croissant

When: Saturday, April 25
Time: Various hours per location
Where: Various locations
Price: $1.25 per

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