The Montreal Canadiens' draft lottery odds are officially set

Apr 14 2023, 1:49 am

After losing to the Boston Bruins on Thursday night, the Montreal Canadiens’ odds of winning the draft lottery have officially been set.

In a tight game that could have gone either way, Montreal’s season ended in another regulation loss. With 68 points and a record of 31-45-6, the Habs will finish the season in 28th place in the league’s standings — behind the Arizona Coyotes. As a result they have the fifth best odds at winning the draft lottery on May 8.

And what are those odds exactly?

A mere 8.5%. That means there’s a 91.5% that Montreal doesn’t get the chance to select long-favoured no. 1 pick Connor Bedard.

As for where they’re most likely to land, there’s a 44.2% chance that Montreal gets the sixth overall pick. The Canadiens also have an 8.8% chance of winning the second-overall pick, a 24.5% chance at picking fifth, and a 13.9% chance to pick seventh.

Meanwhile, the last place Anaheim Ducks currently have a 25.5% chance at winning the lottery and an 18.8% chance at the second overall pick.

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