Class action launches against Canada Post to compensate for late deliveries

Jul 8 2020, 7:28 am

A law firm from Montreal has filed an application in Superior Court seeking to launch a class action lawsuit against Canada Post.

Lambert Avocat Inc. is seeking to offer compensation for customers who paid for a Canada Post accelerated delivery service but didn’t receive their orders on time.

The class action aims to refund “every neutral and legal person whose delivery date failed to be met by Canada Post.”

According to a press release shared by the firm with Daily Hive, every person who’s been affected by delayed deliveries would be eligible for $100 in compensatory damages and $300 in punitive damages.

“While Canada Post is currently warning its customers against possible delays in their delivery through a banner at the top of their website, their warning does not mention unequivocally that their on-time delivery guarantee is presently suspended,” says Lambert Avocat’s press release.

The law firm says Canada Post is at fault for failing to offer its accelerated delivery service in accordance with the mail company’s description and advertisements and says the carrier is misleading its customers.

Lambert Avocat Inc. added that Canada Post continues to charge its clients full price and refuses to issue refunds for late deliveries while knowing they cannot guarantee the delivery dates.

The next step, according to the firm, is to await the judge’s decision to approve or reject the application, but the firm suggests that anyone who wishes to be kept up to date with the potential case to register and follow the link on itsĀ Class action against Canada Post website.

Daily Hive has reached out to Canada Post for comment.

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