The Montreal Police are selling one of their retired horses

May 3 2018, 5:07 pm

Have you ever wondered about what happens to police horses when they retire?

You’ve heard of purchasing stolen and confiscated goods at police auctions. To purchase a horse, however, is an entirely different story. That’s just the case with the Montreal Police (SPVM), as citizens are actually able to purchase horses from the department.

The sales often take place when it’s a horse’s time to retire. The SPVM will reach out to the people who have shown interest in buying a police horse.

The demand, also, is much higher than you’d expect. In many cases, according to the SPVM, a raffle is needed when multiple buyers are interested.



All the horses, according to the SPVM, have the following qualities:

  • calm and cool-headed
  • sociable and love being handled
  • tolerable to loud noise and music

They’re also likely to be the following:

  • A Canadian breed
  • Male horse
  • Typically with a dark or black bay
  • A minimum of 15 hands 3 (63″)
  • In peak physical condition
  • Able to move on changing terrain and cope with difficult conditions

Before the rights to purchase the horse are fully given, a visit to potential future homes for the horse are essential. It’s part of the SPVM’s way of ensuring that after a life of service, the horse will be well treated and taken care of.

To add on, potential buyers must sign a joint contract with the police, to ensure that the horse isn’t used for commercial purposes.



So whether you’re truly interested in the purchase of a police horse or were just curious as to what comes of them post-retirement, it’s a heart-warming sign to see that they all end up in loving hands.

Vincent PlanaVincent Plana

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